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oh so happy today

Wednesday November 7, 2012

Went to bed last night after 1 am – after listening to Obama’s acceptance speech (which was amazing). Oh so happy.

Couldn’t stay awake any longer to hear the final results from the two Amendments in Minnesota.

Woke up nervous.

Checked online and started crying with joy when I read that Minnesota defeated BOTH amendments!

So proud to be Minnesotan.

Four more years!

minnesota state fair

Monday September 6, 2010

We headed out on our bikes to the great Minnesota State Fair Sunday afternoon and ate our hearts out, people watched, and wondered around the Midway.

Usually we stick to the classics, as far as food goes, but this year I tried something brand new. I had a deep fried Snickers bar — which was delicious, indulgent, and so good!

Paige joined us later and the three of us had fun walking around the Midway, catching a horse show, and riding the swings!

The early evening sky was amazing — great for some iPhone photos. All in all it was a perfect day and night at the State Fair. Can’t wait for next year!