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hot, hungry, and craving a cocktail

Wednesday March 2, 2011

My good friend Paige has been away for over three months on a whirlwind world tour. Next stop, India.

We used to meet for breakfast every week or every other week last winter. I miss those mornings of biscuits and honey.

This photo was taken at a wedding we shot together last summer. At the moment I took this quick snap shot we were both hot, hungry, and craving a cocktail.

Ahhhh the memories!!!

the girls

Tuesday September 14, 2010

We had a Harvest Party on Butternut with all the kids and all of the most delicious food you could think of — it was total and utter chaos but so much fun!

Here is just a taste of what a Friday night party is like for us!!

lake pepin

Monday June 14, 2010

I sailed on Lake Pepin yesterday and it was wonderful.  Paige’s family friends Karen and Stephan hosted us and they were just lovely.

The colors of the clouds, sky, and water were unbelievable, it was so beautiful — silvery water and deep blues in the horizon. It was so relaxing, I slept like a baby when I got home.

Towards the end of our sail we all took 20 minutes of silent meditation. WOW.

I realized that emptying your head of thoughts and your mouth of words to just be, still, is really — necessary.

photo (41)

photo (42)

photo (43)

photo (44)

photo (45)

photo (47)

photo (46)

photo (48)

photo (49)

photo (50)

p.s. Did I mention how much I LOVE my girlfriends?!  They are the BEST.

i pledge to give handmade

Sunday November 29, 2009

This year I took the handmade pledge.

I pledge to give handmade gifts this holiday season! Online, local, or in my kitchen. I am giving it a go and I encourage you to do the same.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Learn more about why it is important.

slideshow of our lives

Tuesday August 18, 2009

In the chaos of our wedding day the lap top with this slideshow of photos never got set up. Which was a bummer because my Dad had spent hours scanning photos and Jake and I had spent hours gathering photos from the bottom of plastic bins in our basement.

If you think about it, your wedding is really one of the only opportunities to force all your friends and family to look at mostly adorable photos of you as a baby, toddler, and at times really awkward teenager.

Luckily, I have this blog where I mostly talk about myself and me and myself a little more.

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Here is the full set of photos on Flickr.