My name is Anne Ingman, previously Anne Lindberg and to about eight people that I went to graduate school with, I am known as just Lindy. I am married to a very tall, funny, extremely smart and oh so technically savvy man named Jake. We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, probably had swimming lessons together as kids…not knowing we would spend the rest of our lives together.

We officially started dating in 1999 and have been together ever since (got married in 2008). He has curly hair, a beard, and he makes me happy. We live in a little bungalow in St. Paul, Minnesota, which I like to fill with paintings, IKEA accessories, and danish teak furniture.  We have an alley and a backyard garden. Judy, our lovable and enthusiastic Border collie lives there too — she is pure Joy.

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I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota in a family that laughed. We laughed at the dinner table, on the way to school, in the balcony at church, and while watching Seinfield. There is nothing that makes me happier than eating apple pie around the kitchen table in Mankato. And just so you know, I usually refer to my hometown as Kato. In high school I was the captain of my soccer team and grew up at the local ski hill, Mount Kato. My brother Peter was the ping pong champion for three years in high school, but I beat him once…in our garage…while he played left handed.

I have been a Dairy Queen treat maker, Barnes and Noble bookseller, Camp Counselor extraordinaire, and Starbucks barista. I was a Resident Assistant in college and a Teaching Assistant of Speech 101 in graduate school. My parents were very proud. I used to be a fundraiser for a few colleges but when I knew that wasn’t really for me — I was a real life 21st century housewife. Don’t worry, I hired a Life Coach. I started a photography business in 2009 where I am my own boss and it is much better that way.

I shop on Craigslist because I care about recycling, cry during Noah Wyle’s WWF commercials because I care about Polar Bears, and go to the Farmer’s Market because I care about local farming.

Reality television has always and always will make me happy, along with ice cream, cookies, clean sheets, celebrities, dancing on New Year’s and cosmo’s.

Welcome to My life.

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