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Sunday June 30, 2013

Apparently I’ve become a one post a month blogger.

Let’s be real – I can’t really call myself a blogger anymore.


Life is much better this summer! Because we have a kitchen and even planted a veggie garden (better late than never)! I’ve got flowers in pots in the front and backyard and have started to de-clutter our house again. Get rid of the mess!

Coming out of the chaos has proved to be very difficult – we got so used to living in a mess with the kitchen remodel, you’d think it’d be easy to snap back into it — well, it hasn’t been. A lot happened last year (summer, fall, etc) – the kitchen, the mess, shooting a million weddings, etc etc. I had a hard time.
It’s better now. I’m going to be a better blogger. Posts with photos and videos are more fun – so that is my goal. Do better be better.

No problem!

In other news we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this past Friday and it was divine. Dinner at Cafe Alma was beyond words. Delicious.
Jake and I are so happy right now. It’s going to be a great summer — and it was a fantastic June 2013!

Until my next post….next month :)

**Currently 10/29/13 and I’ve been busy back posting blogs! Feels good to catch up on LIFE!**

5 years

Friday June 28, 2013


Our 5 year wedding Anniversary dinner at Cafe Alma! Hadn’t been back there since our 1st wedding Anniversary. It was amazing as ever – best food EVER.


2013-06-28 19.32.52

I love you so much Jake!!