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hello new car, goodbye old car

Monday July 23, 2012

This happened and it was awesome.

Monday July 16, 2012

terrible, just terrible.

Sunday July 15, 2012

This is turning into one of the hottest summers of my life.
Well, that might be a bit dramatic, but dear god it’s hot today.

Our little window AC is working overtime. I honestly don’t know how Jake does kitchen work — climbing into the attic to change out kitchen drain vents! He comes down drenched in sweat and indented from his ventilator mask. I ask if he wants help but we both secretly know I don’t really want to help.

We do not have a kitchen – haven’t had one since May. We cook in the porch and in the backyard. Our neighbors tell us they can smell the bacon. Used dishes are literally EVERYWHERE. It’s hard to keep up. We are literally living in chaos with narrow paths to get from room to room. I share this, and type it OUT LOUD, because it’s terrible, just terrible.

I want to remember that there is no linking to an Apartment Therapy house tour this July.

When you are surrounded my such massive mess you’ll do anything to find control in other aspects of your life. And for us, it has forced us into making serious life decisions.

It feels like we are making major decisions all day long – and it gets addicting, I find myself in decision making withdrawal when we are done for the day. I turn to Jake and say, “What’s next?” What is the next enormous decision we have to make now?

On the agenda of serious life decisions is whether or not to buy a used car or a new car. We test drove some used cars and spent far too many hours searching Craigslist for the perfect used car for our future.


Turns out other people have driven those cars, and sometimes they are just as expensive (or close to) as a new car. We are not interested in buying a car with 100,000 miles on it. We both drive cars that already have 200,000 miles on them. And to be honest, they feel like shit cars.

We are over shitty cars.

So we’re thinking of buying a new car. I know, I know, I can hardly believe it.


BOTH Jake and I have been driving our respective 1994 cars for fifteen years.

It might be necessary for me to repeat that last part of the sentence.


With no car payments mind you. And $35 car tabs. I thought all car tabs were $35 bucks and when I recently found out that that is not the case — and that car tabs are priced on the “property” value of your car, I was like, OH DUH.

We are seriously considering buying a new car and driving it for the next fifteen years. Currently totally obsessed with Subarus. Specifically the new 2012 Subaru Impreza Hatchback (thanks Matt O). Jake is researching every possible aspect of this car. Turns out they are safe, reliable, have partial zero emission, all wheel drive (good for MN winters), overall badassness, and Subaru even has a wildlife habitat on their Indiana plant. This sounds like a good match for us. Whatever happnes, we’re buying a new car very very soon.

Another major life decision involves our mortgage.

Did you know that Fannie Mae bought our loan? Turns out, she did. Unfortunately, this means that we are so totally in the hole we qualify for the HARP refinancing program. Holy shit, just let that sink it. Did it sink? Yeah, our house is worth soooo much less than what we paid for it in 2007 they are letting us refinance without some of the usually hassel and heartache.

Heartache? I think we’ve had enough heartache realizing “our starter house” will be our starter, middle, and possibly forever house.

We’re making decisions based on percentages, monthly payments, and long term goals. I’ve never thought more about long term goals.


We test drive the new car tomorrow.
We send in the HARP application tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a big day.

But today, we wander around weaving in and out of our narrow paths, navigating our way to the couch, computer, porch, basement, gutted kitchen, and bedroom to sleep our worries away….all in the cool breeze of our little window AC.

judy is five!

Saturday July 7, 2012

I think she had a good day.

how’s the kitchen?

Friday July 6, 2012

We’ve made a special tumblr for updates on the kitchen renovation.

It’s full of photos and videos from the very beginning of this (massive) project.

Jake is doing a fantastic job with the electrical this week.

He is, and always has been, totally awesome.

p.s. It’s been ridiculously hot this week.