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slow carb winter update or another post where I share my weight with the world

Sunday January 8, 2012

Haven’t talked about Slow Carb/4-Hour Body for quite some time.

I have definitely given up the strict regiment as far as meal choices and basically took a break from lentils! Honestly, I was so sick of beans I could hardly look at them.

Even though I haven’t been eating lentils as much these days, I swear by slow carb – because if you do it right, it totally works! I retained the basic principles though and limit my sugar and white food (bread, rice, pasta) intake.

Thankfully, I changed how I think about food and diet enough to help me maintain a way of life that feels comfortable. I am not binge eating like in the past or going totally crazy with cravings.

I am way more conscious about what I am putting in my body. Because, let’s face  it, it’s important to think about!!! This is our only body and our only life. Let’s do the best we can (but at the same time, not be so hard on ourselves or others).

Over the holidays I felt great – I didn’t need to over eat and indulge in a zillion cookies to feel satisfied. And I still had the best time and had many many many special treats.

Starting weight: 139.9
Starting mood: Depressed, lazy, and always thinking, “Who cares, it tastes good, and TV is my best friend.”

Current weight this morning: 126.8
Current mood: Ready for Mexico!!!

Weight lost: 13.1 lbs
Attitude adjustment: HUGE

Haven’t bought a new swimsuit since 2006, definitely need to find one before our tropical trip!

Winter is looking way better than in years past. Very different feeling with no snow and not that cold. Walks around the block are way more enjoyable when it isn’t -20.

Can hardly believe that last Wednesday I was sunbathing in the backyard…well, sorta, but you know what I mean.

New Year’s Eve, 2011

etsy get the look decor

Saturday January 7, 2012

Life got busy and I forgot to post about our house feature on Etsy’s Get the Look Decor blog.

It was so fun to be featured on Etsy. I am a huge fan of Etsy and love searching for handmade and vintage treasures.

I thought the links to all the similar styled objects/decor/trinkets was super interesting to see, and I loved the collages that Christine made of each room in our house. It was so fun to share our home with a larger audience.

Also, I am going to come back and read all those comments whenever I’m feeling down – they were so positive!

What a year for our little house, Apartment Therapy House Tour and an Etsy Get the Look Decor feature! Very cool.

we’re going to mexico!

Saturday January 7, 2012

We did it!

We are finally going on a tropical vacation with white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean yards away.

Heading to Tulum, Mexico and staying here for six nights!

We’re excited!

no depths of despair for me

Thursday January 5, 2012

It’s officially January, 2012!

I forgot how to blog. This isn’t a funny post and it dosen’t even have a photo. Just writing to remember what life has been like these past few months.

I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breath since 10 days before Thanksgiving, I had just started a part-time seasonal job (which I’ve wanted to do for the past few years after wedding season). Of course, this was also a busy end of the season wrap up for Ingman Photography and things got a little tense for awhile there. I had the opportunity to apply to the new Anthro store in St. Paul and I was honestly the last person they hired. I got the call and they asked if I could come to orientation at 7 am the next day.

Since then it has been the store opening, wrapping up weddings and portrait shoots, Thanksgiving in Mankato, editing and designing album whirlwind, working at Anthro, Holiday Party prep, Xmas card/photo taking and writing, shopping and wrapping presents, cooking and baking for Holiday Party, actual HOLIDAY PARTY, more working at Anthro, some more working at Anthro, three day Christmas Mankato whirlwind, then back to St. Paul and more working at Anthro.

Phew! I miss sleeping in and not getting dressed until the afternoon.

But I am enjoying meeting some new people and getting out of the house – even though standing on my feet for eight house takes some getting used to and having someone else determine when I can sit down is annoying. I’ve gotten some great deals on new clothes – bonus! And even a few pay checks (hoping that I haven’t spent more than I’m going to make :)

Busy busy busy. Which means no depths of despair for me this winter! I don’t have time to be depressed. Also, this the strangest winter I’ve seen in awhile – 35 degrees yesterday (maybe 47 today!) and the snow that we do have (only 1-2 inches) is melting fast. Last year at this time we had like 3 feet of snow!

Maybe by the time we’ve got below freezing temps and 2 feet of snow Jake and I will have already booked our warm vacation to some beach front paradise…here’s hoping for that!!

p.s. If you have any suggestions for places to visit please share!

p.s. Check out last January archive.