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we went camping

Sunday September 25, 2011

This was our first family camping trip and it went great! Shockingly, Jake and I hadn’t camped together for years and it was quite the scene as we prepared for the weekend. Everyone has their own ideals when it comes to comfort at camp – I like pillows and extra blankets, Jake likes packing things very tightly inside pots and pans and wrapping rubberbands around 10 matches. But we did manage to work together and pack our car to the brink of bursting, and fortunately everything worked out.

Obviously, Judy loved every second of the weekend – hiking off leash, exploring in the woods, and hanging at camp. It was a weekend of much needed relaxation – NO Internet, computers, TV, or phones. I didn’t even turn my phone on until today, and it was only to snap these few Instagrams. Isn’t Judy the cutest camper?!

oh yeah and also

Monday September 19, 2011

Of course I forgot.
It’s been three years.
But for me, to remember, is important.

Here are a few reminders and a fun re-post of one of my most favorites, the box.

**Originally posted the morning of September 4, 2008, on my last day at St. Kate’s. Hell, I might even have posted it at my office computer! Soooo scandalis!**

I walk by the box everyday, sometimes even a half a dozen times, and every time I walk by the box I think the same thing — Damn, that box is still there!

Damn straight it is!

The box. Out in the open for all to see. And there it remains. Everyday. Sometimes even half a dozen times. The box doesn’t move. It really doesn’t. The box is in its place. Why would it need to be anywhere else? It is there to remind us. Of something so important. So important that I don’t know if you will get it. Do you get it?

The box isn’t moving.
Because it has nowhere to go.

I choose to go somewhere.
I choose to move forward.
I choose my choice!

Oh yeah and ALSO.

I have a blog.

And it is NOT password protected.

Because that is not the point.

Saturday September 17, 2011

I will be drinking mojitos until it freezes.

Or at least until my mint is all gone from the garden.

puffy and stuffed up

Thursday September 15, 2011

I have sorta fell off the wagon.
Am in the deep end.
And in the depths of despair.

You know my optimistic I can do anything post a few days back?

Well, apparently I can’t eat ice cream and pizza for every meal because it DOESN’T FEEL GOOD.
I’m puffy.
I’m stuffed up.
I feel like shit.

It’s only in the seconds of anticipation right before I am about to eat a (huge) bowl of ice cream and the seconds it takes me to eat it…that feel good.
Then the guilt and the congestion kick in.

Gluten and dairy are not my friends anymore.
In moderation but not in consistency.

So here I am, puffy and stuffed up, blogging on chit chat and all I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep.
Where did my slow carb summer go????

ben and becky’s wedding part 2

Monday September 12, 2011

Obviously, this was my most favorite wedding of the summer. Obviously.

I can hardly express my happiness and joy that I felt all day – it was surreal and more fun than I could have imagined. I hardly took any photos throughout the day, but am so glad I could capture a few of the in-between moments for Ben and Becky. I shared some of them over on Ingman Photography – congrats again to Ben and Becky!

These videos that I took at the dance are awesome! I can hardly stop watching them because they make me so happy.