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a beautiful vineyard wedding

Friday July 23, 2010

John Brenna 1

John Brenna

John Brenna (1)

John Brenna 2

To see more photos and read about this wedding visit my other blog!

oh, you know, around 9,000

Wednesday July 21, 2010


And pick, rate, edit, export, upload, blog, burn, and deliver.

Slowly but surly I am plowing through them all — don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing to have all this work!  I am learning a lot and really enjoy making the process of choosing and editing.  My favorite part is deciding which photos to blog because I love to tell a story with the photos.

Today I put up a post of baby Jane packed full of sweet newborn photos. I am really happy how they turned out.

I feel very productive…even though I still have a lot to do!

food revolution

Friday July 16, 2010

I am on a food revolution.

I’ve startred to go vegetarian and am flirting with going vegan (no animal products at all).

My last meal (that included meat) was on the 4th of July.

I have had dairy (which, for me, is harder to kick than meat because you know, ice cream, butter, cheese all are DAIRY!). But I am drinking rice milk on my cereal and trying out vegan cheeses and coconut milk frozen treats.

I began reading the book The Kind Diet and it really made sense to me. My convictions about the environment, animals, and health all are starting to align.

This is a personal journey and I know there will be bumps and hiccups along the way but I’ve decided that is going to be okay!  I am learning about new foods and flavors and definitely thinking outside the box.

So far, my body is thanking me!

uff da!

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Currently drinking a bit of coffee out of my Grandma Adeline’s old Uff Da coffee mug.

Even though I am not an every morning cup of jo kind of gal, Jake always asks, “Do you want some coffee?”

Today I said, “Sure.”


So, yeah, I have been busy!!  So busy!  July was suppose to be my “catch up” month where I planned on wrapping up the two weddings I had in June.  Along with doing just that, I also booked a wedding at the end of July, a 6 month old last Sunday, a newborn tomorrow, an engagement shoot on Sunday, a Senior portrait on Tuesday, a one year old the next Sunday and am assisting Paige at DeWees Photography for two weddings!! WHOA. Eight! shoots scheduled for this month, which means I am literally drowning in photos!  Woohooo!!!!

This is exactly EXACTLY where I wanted to be this summer and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, there are occasional moments of freak out and a tab bit of stress…but more than anything I feel so grateful. Grateful, to be working from home and doing something I truly enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, the process of starting your own business is intense and frustrating at times. Lots of trial and error and realizing there are probably better and faster ways of doing whatever I am doing. Thank goodness I have Jake to help me and lean on, he is so great as my co-worker, colleague, husband, and best friend. Thanks Jake!

I get tons of inspiration from all the photog-blogs I read and all the wedding photographers out there — there is a lot to learn and I am excited.  Here are a few of my favorites - Jessica Claire, Jasmine StarJose Villa, Geneoh, and so many more.

Well, my coffee is gone so it is back to editing!  Don’t forget to check out Ingman Photography blog in the coming weeks — many posts to come.