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Friday July 30, 2010

Crap! For a few months now…I just thought no one read my blog or cared to comment — which I sorta understood, because let’s face it, I have been a bit spotty in my blogging this last year. Getting better everyday though!

Turns out all comments went into my SPAM!


Luckily, they were all saved (valid and spam) and I have since approved all comments from friends and family and deleted all that ugly SPAM.

Thank you to Brenna for pointing this out to me this morning — I had no idea!

Also, thank you to Ben, Mom, Tia, Marissa, Steve, Amanda, Brianne, Olivia, and Allisa for your comments since MARCH!!!!

Thanks for thinking of me and letting me know your thoughts on – throughout the day, teeny tiny cottage, food revolution, two years ago today, status update, blog tweet, whatever, things are heating up, slide to unlock, it worked, cuz i’m here, just another morning walk, bedroom before and after, and photo booth fun!

Okay, comments are back ON!!!!

Let me know if everything seems okay on your end!

Here is a photo of Judy to make you smile.

photo (6)

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