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two years ago today

Monday June 28, 2010

Two years ago I married the love of my life. It was without a doubt the most beautiful day I have ever lived.





I absolutely loved the flowers at my wedding and to be married at Camrose Hill was like a dream.

To my husband:

You are the one I want to talk to the most, the one who makes me laugh the hardest, the one I want to tell my secrets to, and the one I will love forever and ever.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jake! I love you I love you I love you.

For fun, read last years post about our wedding day!

status update, blog tweet, whatever

Friday June 18, 2010

Wednesday I started a 6 wk community education hip hop class. I had thought I was an okay dancer but am starting to realize that a few cosmos might have helped my hips move more.

Been blogging on the work blog this week – a full wedding and a sneak peek for your pleasure! Loving my job more and more.

lake pepin

Monday June 14, 2010

I sailed on Lake Pepin yesterday and it was wonderful.  Paige’s family friends Karen and Stephan hosted us and they were just lovely.

The colors of the clouds, sky, and water were unbelievable, it was so beautiful — silvery water and deep blues in the horizon. It was so relaxing, I slept like a baby when I got home.

Towards the end of our sail we all took 20 minutes of silent meditation. WOW.

I realized that emptying your head of thoughts and your mouth of words to just be, still, is really — necessary.

photo (41)

photo (42)

photo (43)

photo (44)

photo (45)

photo (47)

photo (46)

photo (48)

photo (49)

photo (50)

p.s. Did I mention how much I LOVE my girlfriends?!  They are the BEST.

beautiful avocados

Friday June 11, 2010

Even though I am still very sad, frustrated, and angry about the oil spill in the Gulf…this avocado made me happy today.

Just look at that beauty!

photo (40)

wtf bp

Wednesday June 9, 2010

My heart aches for our oceans, fish, shrimp, birds, gulf coast marshes, fisherman and women, coastal towns and their livelihoods.

All of which are being suffocated by disgusting, gross, crude oil.

I hate that we are dependent on oil and so many other things AND I hate that politics, power, religion, and greed seem to rule the world.

What about love, laughter, family, and peace?

Well, WTF are we to do?

I broke down yesterday feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry.  Really really angry at the whole situation.

I know that we can do so much better, so much.

Shame on us.

AND shame on BP. I mean, WTF?

BP Bird by Jake.