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Saturday May 29, 2010

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If you ask me summer is officially here. We had a few ridiculously humid days a week ago that just about did me in.  I had to keep heading to the basement to cool myself down.

But today, well, today is gorgeous. It is hot – but not humid – with just the right amount of breeze to cool me off.

I have been keeping busy with the house and with work.  Here are a few photos of the new living room (new paint, a few pillows, a new rug, and switched up lighting). Photos of the bathroom (new paint) will be up soon. The house needed some tweaks to keep it fresh and the minor changes I have been making have really made a big difference.  Feels great!

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Also, I have been meeting with couples and booking weddings for this season and for 2011!  It is so fun meeting new people, seriously, best part of the job for me.

Our garden was planted a few weeks ago and is already popping — the heat with a few days of rain was just the magic it needed — I can’t wait for summer basil and cherry tomatoes…yum!

Even more photos and videos to come soon — I have been playing around with my 5D Mark ll HD video — and I am realizing more and more that I have a very cool camera!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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