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Wednesday April 7, 2010

It has been way tooooooo long since I have blogged!  Craziness.

Of course I am still updating the world on my happenings via Twitter (and Facebook) so you can always keep up with my life there.  If you are not on Twitter or Facebook (which is totally fine!) – check to your right to see my tweets :)

It has been a beautiful early Minnesota spring and the sunny days have been very inspiring to me.  A few weeks ago we decided the bedroom needed a makeover and got to work!  Check out the whole set of photos here.

Jake and I had been living with the same arrangement and paint color for three years and it was definitely time for a change.  The color before might look just fine in these photos but please keep in mind that in person it was a dull light green that was just plain uninspiring.  We picked out Misty Gray from Benjamin Moore. It took us about 5 seconds to choose a color because we knew that we wanted a very light gray. I think it looks beautiful!

We rearranged the bed, put some different art on the walls, and got a new bedspread for $14.99 from Ikea.  Total price for makeover – $60 (paint, print, and bedspread).

Whenever I rearrange furniture, art, or paint a room I always think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”  So let that be an inspiration to you — if you are thinking about making a change in your house, bedroom, office, kitchen, or life :) Just DO IT! Change is good.

So, what do you think?








Don’t you just want to take a nap on our bed?!





Check out the whole set of photos here.


  1. tia says:

    It looks great! I love the new orientation of the bed and I love the bedspread. We have same one … only I’ve just taken it off (it is the one that’s been on OUR bed all winter) and have gone for an all-white spread this spring – that’s our little change. :)

  2. Amanda Jane says:

    love it! can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. Steve says:

    Hey Anne,

    I realized I never answered the question re: new life that you shot back at me. It’s the April 3 entry on my blog.

    Thank you for your response! I hope you don’t mind, but I used it in my Easter sermon, as one of a couple of responses I got to the question. You remained anonymous, of course. (Not that anyone in my congregation in western Wisconsin would have known of my former barista-turned-professional photographer in St. Paul!)

    Hope you and Jake are great!


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