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just another morning walk

Monday April 26, 2010

Today I said hi to our favorite neighbor while walking down the sidewalk.

Tail wagging but resisting the jump up to lick her face.

Later we passed a little boy in a second floor window waving to me and saying what might be his newest word, hi.

Glancing up, someone new is interested in us, tail wagging, and walking up the yard to get a closer look.

The man on the cell phone said, good morning to me as we passed.

Tailing wagging and making eye contact with this new person…do they want to come closer to pet me?

An older woman with shower cap and cigarette out on the front lawn didn’t see us walking across the street. I watched as she greeted the handymen workers visiting her for the day.


No one else is out. People are at work. People are gone for the day.

Pull hard ahead in pursuit of that rabbit….grrrrr, a tug from the leash.

We continue to pass the familiar houses and front lawns. I try to steal a peek inside to see their messy porch or perfectly decorated front room. I have a favorite block you know, where the front lawns are popping with perennials and planned seasonal blooming. I wish I had seasonal blooming perennials in my front lawn.

Heading home I vow to notice more, try harder, and always keep my eyes open.

Tailing wagging, we’re back home, and I’m ready…will you please throw my frisbee!?

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spring, earth day, and everything

Thursday April 22, 2010

The weather has been amazing and Spring is really here to stay in Minnesota!  The windows have been open and Judy has been napping in the sun. I sometimes just take a break and go outside and sit in the sun because it feels so good to be warmed by our sun.

On another note I am gearing up for wedding season and really looking forward to shooting (and blogging) more regularly.  My first wedding for the season is coming up May 1st and I can’t wait!

I haven’t been posting here with any regularity and have decided to not feel guilty about it — because guilt is just plain toxic. I really want to post more often so don’t give up on me!

Also, today is Earth Day and please consider doing something different in your routine to help our planet — ride your bike to work one day a week, buy some local produce from the Farmer’s Market, change out a few light bulbs, or compost in your backyard. Little things make a big difference!

Something Jake and I are doing again this year is planting a backyard garden with fresh herbs and vegetables.  In a few weeks we will start the planting and I can’t wait for the tomatoes and basil to be in full bloom like last summer — what a simple joy to go in your own backyard and harvest the fruits of your labor! Delicious, fresh, and really fun to do with your family.

I have been so happy lately and it feels really good.

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Bleeding Hearts from our garden are already beautiful and blooming!

blog tweet

Friday April 9, 2010

Currently obsessed with The Real Housewives of New York City. I just love the drama.

iphone self portraits

Thursday April 8, 2010

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bedroom before and after

Wednesday April 7, 2010

It has been way tooooooo long since I have blogged!  Craziness.

Of course I am still updating the world on my happenings via Twitter (and Facebook) so you can always keep up with my life there.  If you are not on Twitter or Facebook (which is totally fine!) – check to your right to see my tweets :)

It has been a beautiful early Minnesota spring and the sunny days have been very inspiring to me.  A few weeks ago we decided the bedroom needed a makeover and got to work!  Check out the whole set of photos here.

Jake and I had been living with the same arrangement and paint color for three years and it was definitely time for a change.  The color before might look just fine in these photos but please keep in mind that in person it was a dull light green that was just plain uninspiring.  We picked out Misty Gray from Benjamin Moore. It took us about 5 seconds to choose a color because we knew that we wanted a very light gray. I think it looks beautiful!

We rearranged the bed, put some different art on the walls, and got a new bedspread for $14.99 from Ikea.  Total price for makeover – $60 (paint, print, and bedspread).

Whenever I rearrange furniture, art, or paint a room I always think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”  So let that be an inspiration to you — if you are thinking about making a change in your house, bedroom, office, kitchen, or life :) Just DO IT! Change is good.

So, what do you think?








Don’t you just want to take a nap on our bed?!





Check out the whole set of photos here.