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holiday and new year letter

Thursday December 31, 2009

Dear friends and family,

A few weeks ago our little house held 43 people and one dog during our 4th annual Holiday party! It was packed full of friends, family, and food.  I remember walking around and thinking, “WOW, I am having SO much fun.”  And also, “How lucky are we?!”  And I realized that life can be so simple when it’s about the little things, connecting with friends and family, and the everyday surprises.  So, dear friends, for us, this past year has been extraordinarily normal but FULL of everyday happiness.  And for that we feel so lucky.

Jake and I spend our days together, in our house — Jake designing and developing web applications, web-sites, and web-everything.  Anne, launching a new photography business, weddings, kids, and everything in-between.  Judy, our Border collie, thinks she has it bad, with no sheep to herd, but in reality she has it pretty sweet.  She is outside all day guarding the yard from squirrels, mailmen, and the black alley cat that taunts her as it strolls through the neighborhood.

We are incredibly grateful for our health and good friends that we see as often as we can. Our families are close (except for Ben and Becky who recently moved to Denver!) and we come home to Mankato to reconnect over ping pong in the Ingman garage and hot tubs in the Lindberg backyard!

We hope that 2009 was full of laughter and good news and that 2010 brings more of the same!

birds of a feather watching the weather

Wednesday December 16, 2009

Here is a wide shot of my magical gnome forest — on the mantel. The gnomes are tucked in-between pine bows, nordic pines and other little treasures.



Last week I posed a few questions for potential party guests — today the answers to those questions.

Question 1: I bought four new ornaments this year, which ones are they?

Felted wool Santa made by Elsa Jo Kelm of Minnesota. I found the Santa, Ebenezer Scrooge and Gnomes at the Textile Center in St. Paul.


Felted wool Ebenezer Scrooge


Painted Santa Dog by Barbara Gilhooly.

Dog Ornament-2

And vintage Swedish Elf for $1.00 at local antique store.

Dog Ornament-3

Question 2: How many animals are on the tree? There are 14: one pig, two roosters, two dogs, two puffins, one crane, one bird, one moose, one reindeer, one sheep, one bear, and one hen.

Question 3: Knowing (or guessing) my sense of humor, what do I currently think is the funniest thing in our house?  This question was my favorite. Although I think Jake is very funny, he is currently not the funniest thing in my house right now.  This painting by Barbara Gilhooly is my sense of humor to a ‘T’ — if you look closely you can see a tiny bird giving the weather report on the TV (also, look for the tiny USA map).

Birds of a feather watching the weather — now that, is funny.


there is just so much to say

Tuesday December 15, 2009

Trying to get caught up on how great life has been lately.

I mean, there was the annual tree cutting extravaganza in Northfield, weeks of holiday party prepping, basement de-cluttering, homemade gift gathering, and the actual HOLIDAY PARTY!! I am currently going through photos and will upload to Flickr very soon. We are constantly working out the kinks of having thousands of photos with each one being 21 Mpx…ugh.

To hold you over while I work up a blog about everything else, I have a hilarious video for you. Jake caught this train wreck of Thelma’s and I think it could be another classic — you might remember her from the infamous Lick Shoes video. The head nodding and spinning at the same time  – just perfect!

ok, back to decorating

Thursday December 10, 2009

Last night I created a magical gnome forest on our mantel. It makes me very happy.

I just put the final trimmings on the tree — a teeny tiny vintage glass ornament there and there, oh, and maybe there.

Getting excited to see friends and family!!

So, if you happen to be coming to our party tomorrow night I have a little game of questions for you!

Question 1: I bought four new ornaments this year, which ones are they?

Question 2: How many animals are on the tree?

Question 3: Knowing (or guessing) my sense of humor, what do I currently think is the funniest thing in our house?

Good luck!

hi, it’s me, anne with an ‘e’

Wednesday December 9, 2009

Status update!!!!!

It finally snowed and I am loving it. It definitely puts me in the holiday spirit.

I think it came just in time for our holiday party, which is on Friday (Now we hope ya can make it, it’s tradition ya know. Help us put some more footprints down in the snow). WHOA. So, we are pretty excited around here — Judy has no idea how much fun she is going to have!

I have been busy prepping — cooking, baking, cleaning, and decorating. If you follow my tweets, I even had time to spend ALL day organizing my Grandma’s closet.

Oh, and also I went to IKEA today.

Never a good thing but definitely not a reason to not go!