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the last day of my second decade

Friday October 23, 2009

The last day of my 20′s could not have been better.

I started off the day at Nina’s with Paige. I had stopped at a ‘Piece of Cake’ (which is another cafe) to pick up a scone. Their scones are much better than Nina’s. No offense to Nina’s, it is one of my favorite places in St. Paul, but if I am going to have a scone (still trying to lose those last 5 pounds) then I was going to at least eat a tasty one. So Paige and I have a lovely morning catching up. It was great.

I had already decided a few days earlier that I deserved a new outfit. I totally deserved it. I was turning 30 and going out with friends and I could NOT wear my usual ‘uniform’ of old jeans, old t-shirt, old button down sweater, and Danskos. Ummmm, No No Nope that was not going to work.

I headed to the Mall of America. I remained calm and had a plan – hit Nordstroms, H&M, and as it turns out a little Express (haven’t been in there since I was 18!).  The whole day as I am checking out, I kept telling the Sales Associates helping me that is was “my 30th birthday tomorrow”. I figured why the hell not! I don’t have co-workers to decorate my office door and throw me a party in the lunch room. Why not tell these random Sales Associate Mall of America workers? They were all congratulatory and said I didn’t look it. Which felt nice.

Four hours later I left with a few cute outfit options and a renewed sense of style.

I called Amanda as I was leaving and she randomly was at Ikea! I was like, “I am in the Nordstroms parking lot! See you in five minutes.” Amanda, Avery and I walked around Ikea for an hour and try to shop. It was really fun and great to see Amanda.

Finally got home around 4. Ate some food because I hadn’t eaten since 9 am! Yikes. Watched Oprah, which happened to be about jeans. Of course I had to go back, had to go back, to the Mall of America.

Found the jeans from Oprah. Tried them on. Loved them. As I am checking out and telling another random Sales Associate my plans for my birthday, and that I maybe might possibly go down and check out some boots…she says, “Girl, you have a sparkly top?” I looked at her and smiled, “Of course I have a sparkly top!”  Just bought one 10 minutes ago.

At this point it is now the second time I am at the Mall of America in one day. I have actually made the trip twice. Parked in the same little lot by Nordstrom’s twice. And now I’m in the shoe department for the second time. I run into the woman who, earlier, helped me buy the cutest pair of gold flats…I smile at her…she vaguely recognizes and I say, “Hi. I was here before. I swear I have not been here all day. I did go home and eat.” This could be EMBARRASSING but I am fearless, it is the last day of my 20′s and I am feeling confident!

I buy the boots. Do I need them. Maybe. Maybe, YES.

As I am driving home (around 9 pm) I call Chanda and she says, “Stop by. Have some pizza.” I stop by, eat some pizza, watch Fiona in her “night routine” and head home for the second time that day.

And now, today, it is here. My BIRTHDAY!
I am really 30. No more 29. It is gone and done.

I am looking forward to this new decade. I think there is a lot in store for me and I am ready for it!

Oh god.
I hope so.

Well, at least I have a cute outfit and some new boots for today!

yesterday was a disaster but today, totally not a disaster

Wednesday October 21, 2009

Sometimes I go into the depths of despair.
And it is not pretty when I am there.
Mostly I just want to sleep, not talk, and be left alone.

Yesterday, was a total disaster. On top of my bummer mood I broke one of these iittala glasses and didn’t even cry. I was already in the depths of despair and crying was just not necessary.

Luckily late that afternoon Jake motivated me to start picking up the house (it had gotten messy because, well, let’s face it, who cares about dirty dishes and dust when there are more important things to do, like SLEEP).

It turned out to be just the spark I needed!

Of course, by the end of the night I was dusting the tops of window sills and rearranging all the plants.

I woke up this morning and knew it was going to be a better day. Even with the rain.

Listen to what I have done today -

*  Baked a pie pumpkin for the first time ever.
*  Pureed the pumpkin and separated into 2 cup portions to freeze for future pumpkin pies.
*  Chopped carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, garlic and threw it all in the crock pot with a roast and some rosemary. Should be ready for dinner tonight.
*  Had 1/2 cup left over pumpkin puree. Googled it. Found this pumpkin creme brulee recipe that called for exactly 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree. I have never made creme brulee but ohhhhh do I love creme brulee! Should be ready for dessert tonight.
*  Had 3 left over egg whites from the brulee, so Jake fried some bacon and made himself some lunch.
*  Oh AND I washed every pot and pan we own and did the rest of the dishes. And guess what? I have already put them ALL away!

I feel very productive and full of deliciousness. Today is definitely not a disaster.

My change of mood came just in time for the official last day of my twenties — which is TOMORROW.


t minus fifteen days

Thursday October 8, 2009

You probably already know this, but I am turning 30 years old on Friday, October 23rd.

this was my FAVORITE outfit

Wednesday October 7, 2009

Slideshow Of Our Lives

Yup, that’s me. At four or five, wearing my favfavfavorite outfit of all time. I don’t think I took this off for a year – even in the summer! I thought it was awesome and I loved wearing these clothes. At once ALL TOGETHER.

Leather shoes with buckles.
Knit yarn tights.
Plaid wool skirt.
Pink sundress.
And a green apron.

Growing up my parents always let me pick out my own outfit and do my own hair. Even if my outfit was crazy or my hair looked, well, like a five year old did it, it was so worth it. I was allowed to make those decisions for myself, at an early age, and it instilled in me a sense of independence and confidence.

Maybe it’s why I have always been able to stand up for myself when my opinion is not the popular one, or take a trip to San Francisco by myself, or go to dinner by myself at a fancy restaurant, or quit a job with no other job in place, or stand up for what I believe in.


Thank you Mom and Dad, for always letting me be – ME.