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tweet: tonight i went to ‘happy hour’ with my old co-workers

Wednesday September 30, 2009

And it was a very very happy hour (or three).

BUT I realized that I miss talking to people.
Talking to people everyday, of every hour of the ‘work’ day.
I really really miss it!

It was so much fun to talk. Because I love talking to people.

Sometimes I have to knock on Jake’s office door (I make him shut it because the click click clicking sometimes drives me crazy….when I am trying to take a nap).

Anyway, I knock on Jake’s door and ask if he will just talk to me for, like, 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes PLEASE!!

Most of the time he agrees.
Which I am very grateful for.

And, you know what, it makes me just as happy.

another day starts now

Tuesday September 29, 2009

Judy nuzzles close to my hip

Her warmth and love comfort every being

Of me

Every time I watch PBS I cry

Tonight it is about nature As it often is And it tells the story of our country And our Forefathers

Our forests Our sequoias Our buffalo

Just a hundred years ago it was different

And it makes me sad.

I feel the pain of it all and I can’t stop the pain

Theodore Roosevelt said, Leave it as it is. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.

He said it at the top of the Grand Canyon Off the cuff To the people On his 14,000 mile trip to see our Country He was the President

Sometimes when I think about Heaven…yes, I think about Heaven

I imagine a place where you see all that you wanted to see – do all that wanted to do – say all that you wanted to say – meet every person you ever wanted to meet

And all you feel is – Happiness.

For now, I feel the pain and I cry tears for the injustice of lost wildlife For the trees that have fallen For the testing of nuclear weapons For the wars we are in For the crime in my neighborhood For the loneliness For the misunderstandings and miscommunication For the silliness of living life in the 21st


Judy has shifted She no longer nuzzles my hip Jake is putting clean sheets on the bed and I have wiped my tears

Another day starts now.

my beautiful cousins

Thursday September 24, 2009

A few weeks ago we traveled to North Carolina for my cousin Abby’s wedding.

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend full of family, reminiscing, and laughter.

I was able to take photos all day along with the photographer they had hired — it was great practice for me.  Here is just one ‘sister shot’ of my beautiful cousins Rachel, Abby, and Stacy.  More to come later!

IMG_7971_1024 (3)

once wed

Wednesday September 23, 2009

I had my second real wedding shoot last Friday and it went really really well.  I wasn’t as nervous as the first and I felt more confident with my camera.

But it was very very hot.  Everyone was sweating. For five hours straight.  You know how much I enjoy the heat. See last post. I did alright though, drank tons of water. And just owned my red perspiring face.

I am learning A LOT about what it means to be a photographer — First, of course, is the actual shoot, which is like eight hours of taking photos WITHOUT sitting down.  Then you go home EXHAUSTED and sleep.  Then you decide what to do with the 1,500-2,000 photos you just took because by that point your computer has run out of room. (Jake is installing two terabyte hard drive in the basement. I can’t explain what terabyte is, I am sorry). Once you get all 1,500-2,000 photos in Aperture (a photo management tool on my computer) you rate and organize them into folders and begin the process of cropping, color changing, and balance. Oh my!

It can only get better, right?!

I am also realizing that there is great responsibility and honor in being part of the celebration and capturing the moments of these weddings. I take this very seriously and want to do a good job.  I am constantly looking at photos online for inspiration — the weddings on this website are UNBELIEVABLE. Check out the photos in Real Weddings.

I will share some of my photos soon. Just have to install those terabyte things, upload 2,000 photos, rate and organize them all, and then begin the editing process…you know, I should be done sometime NEXT YEAR.


Thursday September 17, 2009

About a month ago I spent a few hours with my new camera and a neighbor kid named Gentry.

The key was to not let him know I was there to take his photo.  Just hanging out in the backyard. Right?!

I learned a lot about depth of field, focus and aperture.

And that kids move fast. Are always talking. And at any moment take on a different persona.  If I remember correctly Gentry was ‘nature boy’ that morning!

He is an awesome kid and we had a pretty good time together!