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Friday June 26, 2009

I remember waking up, last year on this day, and thinking – HOLY SHIT IT IS HERE. It was FINALLY Friday, the day of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The day BEFORE our wedding!

This was it, this was the ‘beginning’ of the ‘end’ of our wedding planning!!!! There was no time left to plan, work out the details, or panic! Thank goodness.

The day was HOT, 90 degree Minnesota hot with humidity.

We met our family and wedding party at Camrose Hill for the rehearsal and it was so much fun! We put everyone to work though – moving chairs and figuring out the ‘flow’ for the next day.

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal

Ben and Becky had driven all the way from Colorado and made it just in time, we were so happy to see them!

Amanda had brought me the most beautiful ‘practice’ bouquet.

Wedding Rehearsal

Rehearsing the ceremony was very smooth and efficient because of our wonderful Officiant Reverend AnnaMarie Ronning. She was a pro! Jake and I had worked out all the details of our ceremony with her beforehand.

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal

After the rehearsal we all headed to The Dock Cafe in Stillwater and had the most delicious meal. Our table was long and sat in front of an entire wall of windows, we had the most beautiful view of the river. It began to absolutely pour, but that was fine, it needed to cool everything down.

Jake and I felt so happy that night and were so ready for the next day to arrive!

Wedding Rehearsal


  1. Sarah says:

    Anne, it is so fun to read about the final days before your wedding last summer – I'm definitely taking notes ;)

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Sarah! It was a crazy and fun week — it is hard to remember everything else that was going on too (because I know that we definitely didn't just do ONE thing a day leading up to the wedding!)

    Get ready for the wild ride ;)

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