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Thursday September 4, 2008

*I did not post this letter on my blog at the time of my resignation.  I am sharing it now – a year later – and pre-dating it.  Read this to hear my thoughts now.

Dear [supervisor]:

After much reflection, I submit my resignation from my position as Reunion Gift Coordinator at The College of St. Catherine, effective September 4, 2008.

I came here with enthusiasm for the mission of the College and the goal to fully embrace the opportunities the position offered.  A few months in, I began to notice significant institutional issues that raised questions for me, but I chose to look the other way and focus on my work.  I was committed to working around the challenges for the benefit and joy of connecting with the lively and inspiring St. Kate’s alumnae. I am pleased to see the positive impact I have made on the efforts of the reunion giving program, the most important of which has been 100% volunteer representation from all reunion classes both 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 fiscal years; as well as my enduring efforts to improve the collaboration between reunion giving, gift planning, and the Alumnae Association.

My attempts to ignore my doubts became impossible after the resignation of my colleague Abigail Garner.  After her departure I found myself re-examining my personal beliefs of social justice and injustice.  I saw Abigail’s hire and participation on this floor as true representation of the mission of St. Kate’s.  When Abigail resigned, rather than silence her convictions for gay rights, it forced me to re-examine how St. Kate’s defines social justice.

I feel that my continued employment is an endorsement of a workplace that is in conflict with my personal ethics.  My attempts to seek clarification by talking with [the Vice President] directly only made me more uneasy. [Supervisor], I am grateful to you for your support through what has been – and continues to be – a sad and confusing time in my job.  I held onto the hope that as time passed, it would be easier for me to move on.  Four months later, my feelings have not changed and I realize that continuing to stay here comes at a great cost to my conscience and to my spirit.

Please know my resignation is not a reflection of anything you did or did not do.  In fact, I stayed as long as I did because of your encouragement and your faith in my abilities.  Thank you for your guidance and support.


Anne Ingman


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