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Thursday January 31, 2008

Spent the evening in an Executive Suite at the Timberwolves game with Matt and Jen enjoying free food and drinks! It was a super fun night!

Matt and Jen are getting married September 6th and we spent most of the night purging wedding information (and complaints of costs, caterers, and cakes). I was sorta addicted to talking about it – it felt so good to release some of the energy that is created from the whole crazy wedding extravaganza with friends who are going through the same thing!

Oh, and I don’t think I watched more that 10 minutes of the game – in case you were wondering.

We were gone for almost four hours and were a little worried about Judy being in the kennel for that long.

I opened the back door and to my amazement Judy greeted me with her wagging tail and licking kisses.

WAIT. WHAT. WHY are you OUT of your kennel????????????

I walk into the living room and see that her kennel door is on the floor as if it just fell right out of its place.

Jake and I cannot figure out how the heck she got this door out of its sockets – it took us 20 minutes to get the door back on.

Judy was out of her kennel for who knows how long roaming the house at her own free will.

I wonder what she did? Did she run around crazy knowing that she had total freedom? I bet she slept on the couch. I would give anything to have a video tape of her escape and her hours of freedom. We checked everywhere and there were no accidents and no chew bites on any furniture. She didn’t even eat the dish towel. Do you think she was trying to prove to us that she can be trusted?!

We have decided to call her Judini from now on!

piano man

Tuesday January 29, 2008

Watched Once last night.
Happiness and joy and beautiful music was exactly what I needed to see, hear, and feel.

Piano man was on the streets of Seattle when I visited last spring.
Happiness is all around us….isn’t it?

yellow football

Saturday January 26, 2008

wedding update 2

Friday January 25, 2008

Here is wedding update number two. If you care. Hi Mom.

So we had the meeting with the photographer yesterday – she is wonderful and her style is a great match with us. Should be working out the details soon. Made appointments for two different cake tastings – OMG – this is going to be fun! I love cake. Will be doing our catering tasting for lunch next Tuesday and finalizing the menu soon after – Chowgirls is our caterer and they are awesome. Contacted an officiant – waiting to hear back from her – her e-mail ends with “” – very cool. We continue to look at the guest list and make those hard decisions about who we really want to invite. It all comes down to money which is a hard reality to accept. I have never thought about money this much in my life. Decided not to do Save the Date cards because everyone who should know our date knows already (June 28th just as a reminder). Have searched and searched for dresses for Katie and Cassie — trying desperately to find a “color” but just cannot find anything I really like. This is my biggest struggle right now because a dress will most likely affect the “color scheme” — Blah blah blah.

My friend Abigail sent me the best book ever – Offbeat Bride – it is hilarious and super fun!


Thursday January 24, 2008

My stomach is growling and it is only 11 o’clock. I ate a Clementine this morning and gaged down some yogurt. Did you know that yogurt makes me gag but I know that it is good for me so I keep on eating it. Most of the time I just want an old fashioned glazed cake donut. Judy growls when we try to pull her by the collar into the kitchen because she won’t come when we call. She thinks she is the pack leader the alpha dog. Little does she know how good she has got it – Jake home all day, agility classes every week, new toys to chew and play with, and us – who give her ATTENTION and throw the damn football every 5 seconds so she can catch it in her mouth and have us throw it again and again. I am hungry. Going to Punch for lunch meeting a photographer. Am anxious to see her photographs and see how much she charges because holy shit weddings are expensive.

Just had a conversation with a friend…we cannot figure out how these women (that surround us everyday) do it all. They might not actually do it all but it sure the hell seems like they do. They read books and think critically about them and then have real conversations about them. They cook meals using real food and have a clean house. They raise children and keep in touch with friends. They volunteer they come to events they go to the theater they exercise. I come home and get excited to watch Project Runway. I don’t say yes to things because I have built a brick wall of perfectionism and self doubt. I know that life is one day at a time one step at a time one decision at a time but how do I move forward if I can’t get past the wall? I hate the wall and I hate that I am selfish.

I have slowly started to crawl over it…even if it doesn’t sound like it.