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if you read my blog and i know who you are then you are invited to our party but if i don’t know you and you want to come then that might be weird

Wednesday November 28, 2007

We just taught our dog to serve us egg nog,
so we’re having a party to show off our smarty.

Sometimes she farts but she’s dear to our hearts,
her name is Judy and she’s just such a cutie.

Enhance the holiday cheer by bringing in your own beer.
Or I could make a mixed drink, we’ve got gin under the sink.

Have a seat by the fire, it’s a sight to admire.
It’ll keep your toes hot while that nog hits the spot.

Come and see our new home made of stucco and stone.
The street name is Blair, so we’ll see you there.

Saturday, Dec. 15th at 6:30 pm – please come and eat!

P.S. If you don’t care for beer, you’re still not in the clear
it’s our sincerest wish that you’d bring a food dish!

12 hours

Tuesday November 27, 2007

I had nine days of vacation. Yesterday my first day back I spent 12 hours at work. For nine days I spent my days doing everything and nothing – hanging out with Jake and Judy.

A few highlights included – Oprah’s Favorite Things show, hosting Thanksgiving at our house, trying on wedding dresses in Mankato, helping Peter and Cassie move into their new home, washing all the windows inside and out on the house.

Why don’t we take vacation more often? Because this is America and we work to pay the bills. We spend more time at the office than at home. We see our co-workers more than our family. I think this is crazy.

random monday because i am on vacation

Monday November 19, 2007

Amanda gave Judy this little shirt and we tired it on the other day…she didn’t quite know what to do! If you listen closely you can actually hear a real Judy toot!

Welcome to my life.

a-frame a-game

Friday November 16, 2007

And in a few years she could look like this -

hey culligan man!

Thursday November 15, 2007

This morning as I am walking into work…I glance to my right and notice the Culligan man as he is 1) talking on his cell phone and 2) starting to pull out a 50 pound water jug. I am four feet to the left from said Culligan man as he drops the 50 pound water jug and it shatters and explodes. Said exploded water lands on my leg, suede boots and Cole Haan leather purse.

Hey Culligan man!? – what just happened?

I walk two steps forward and look back at Mr. Culligan man and hear him say, “Uh, there goes another one.” Mr. Culligan doesn’t even look at me – there was no acknowledgment from Mr. Culligan man. He continues to talk on his cell phone.

After I tell what is thus far my most exciting story of the day to my activist friend Abigail, she encouraged me to call Culligan.

Culligan manager man was appalled at this behavior and said that this is not how he wants people to experience Culligan. He actually said to me after I told him what happened, “So, he was so self involved that he didn’t even look at you, wow, that is pretty horrible. I can’t be the eyes and ears our there all the time, so thank you for sharing your story and I am sorry that happened to you.”