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cappuccino to her

Thursday September 20, 2007

Allisa is moving in two weeks! Things are happening fast for them – which is great because they have waited so long for this to happen but sad for us because it means they won’t be just over the bridge anymore…

This morning Allisa couldn’t make coffee because her house is full of boxes and they have to pack up their house and all of Delips books. So Paige and I surprised Allisa and brought her cappuccino to her front porch. It was the best!

We have been having coffee every Thursday since I moved back and it has continued to be a highlight in my week. Seeing Thelma and Allisa every Thursday will be something I will miss so much.

Here is another video of Thelma….just because she is so dang cute and smart. She figured out the iPhone at 20 months old.

pyrex and poop

Wednesday September 19, 2007

On Saturday morning I went to this great antique shop on the corner of Selby and Fairview. I found the greatest treasure.


They come in any color and size you can imagine. Brights colors, big or small, round, square, and rectangular. This was my dream come true.

I found a little red one, two different round orange ones, white and blue rectangular ones, and a square yellow one. They were labeled leftover refrigerator containers and I had to have them! They all have covers and they make a lot of sense – you can heat them up in the oven or the microwave. No more plastic! Pyrex is the best.

On Saturday we also picked up a pooper scooper. Or rather the pooper scooper picked up some poop.

lick shoes

Tuesday September 18, 2007

Friday September 14, 2007

Judy photos from three weeks ago.

words for today

Friday September 14, 2007

Has it really been two weeks…at times, when I am neglecting my reflections, stories, posts…I think I will loose all my readers. And I panic. Then I think, what readers?! I am not dooce. Even though I want to be dooce. She is so funny, smart and tall.

I have been tired lately. Tired but okay. Not the best but okay.

Judy is wonderfully exhausting and cute. She started puppy kindergarten last Monday and we go again this coming Monday. The freakin’ dog whisperer is the teacher. He taught tricks to crazy puppies during our class – both Jake and I thought it was fake but then realized that was impossible.

My dad is home and recovering, which involves breathing exercises, short walks, and taking pills. He sounds better and tells me he is feeling pretty good (trying to get back to “normal”).

We painted the office. I decided one night that I wanted to do it and got the paint picked out 10 minutes later. It was suppose to be a silvery grey but it sorta looks blue grey or grey lavender during different times of the day.

I feel strange today. Not really connecting with the world or something…can’t quite figure it out. I need something but don’t know what.

Well anyway, these are my words for today.