i think i’ve seen enough

Saturday September 29, 2007

I enjoy shopping and am notorious for bringing things home, trying them on again, and then changing my mind.


  1. Abigail says:

    Very cute post. I vote for returning it. I’m kinda surprised “they” are trying to bring the “Dynasty” look back. (For those of us old enough to remember the “Dynasty” look. :) )

  2. Cheryl says:

    I do that too. And right now with all the 80s stuff out there, it’s tricky.

  3. amanda jane says:

    i think this is histerical!!!!

  4. Anne says:

    The puffy sleeves shirt is from BCBG – very trendy designer. I got it on sale. The skirt I am keeping and is from Banana Republic.

  5. Natalie Ellen Eamonn says:

    hello anne,
    fun to see you on my blog..yes had blog envy for a bit and decided to start writing! was wondering if you were the Anne i saw on amanda sight..love the outfit video..had me laughing..well keep checking in!!


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