puppy bark

Tuesday September 25, 2007

Judy has been barking in her kennel and not sleeping for the last two nights. Which means we are not sleeping.

This is the first time she has done this. And let me tell you, this barking is ridiculous – it sounds like she is trying out every octave of her ear piercing puppy bark, you know – to really test out her range. OH MY GOSH.

There are moments I can understand why people break down and do things they regret….because exhaustion + ear piercing bark = impaired decision making.

We have tried everything – ignoring her, taking her outside to go to the bathroom, not taking her outside, giving her a new blanket, putting a sheet over her kennel, not having a sheet over kennel, saying “NO”, not saying “NO”, and then last night at 1:30 am we moved her right next to our bed (usually she is in the kitchen) and after a few firm “No’s” she fell asleep and so did we.

I don’t get it. Why now? What changed with her in the last few days? Why is she doing this to us?


  1. eleanor says:

    “Why is she doing this to us?” …I ask myself the exact same question about Thelma all of the time! When you get it figured out, let me know…

  2. Karla says:

    Hi Anne! I’ve never met you but I’m friends with Paige and found your blog through her blog and I really enjoy reading your blog. Maybe someday we might actually meet!

    Anywho. Our puppy is three years old now, but I remember a phase of barking in the middle of the night, too. We couldn’t ignore it either, because we live in an apartment building and couldn’t expect our neighbors to put up with the barking at 2:30 in the morning.

    At the time, she too was sleeping in the kitchen. And once we moved her crate into our bedroom we got the same results you did. One or two stern No’s! and she was back to sleeping. I think they just like to know we are around.

    Happy puppy parenthood! I feel like it’s a test run for dealing with a toddler, a large, hairy, drooling toddler (at least in our case). It’s fun and frustrating, but most of the puppy craziness will be over in about a year. :)

  3. Anne says:

    eleanor – i don’t know if i will ever figure it out…but i will let you know :)

    karla – hi! any friend of paige’s is a friend of mine! hope we can meet some day. thank you SO much for your advice, it makes me feel better. i think we will try with the kennel in the bedroom for awhile and see if it gets better. thanks again.

  4. Marissa says:

    oh my! the joys and perils of owning a puppy!

  5. paigedewees says:

    karla, i’m so glad you have come out of the closet! i mean the secretly reading blogs closet. do YOU have a blog? i’m about to click on your name and find out! next time karla is in town we can have a meet karla bbq!

  6. amanda jane says:

    amen to that eleanor! and amen to “poor decision making” on account of exhaustion. i’ve made some pretty rash decisions lately. as have you anne (see puffy sleeves video). anyway anne, remember what i said earlier….blogs NOT dogs. well, that rule still applies to times like these. but of course the rule is out the window as soon as i see any maor of those cute puppy blog videos!


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