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i think i’ve seen enough

Saturday September 29, 2007

I enjoy shopping and am notorious for bringing things home, trying them on again, and then changing my mind.


Thursday September 27, 2007

Mindfulness – what does this mean to me? to you? Living in the moment? Filling ones mind with life? Every mundane thing about it?
Do I ever…? I mean REALLY live in the moment. Every second – feeling what is happening around me, to me, for me, with me.
I don’t think I do. Enough.
I do when I am taking photographs, I really live in the moment then – and with the little moments of life videos I take…but when I am not hidden behind a lens do I really LIVE in the moment? Am I mindful? I want to be.
What does life feel like for you?

puppy bark

Tuesday September 25, 2007

Judy has been barking in her kennel and not sleeping for the last two nights. Which means we are not sleeping.

This is the first time she has done this. And let me tell you, this barking is ridiculous – it sounds like she is trying out every octave of her ear piercing puppy bark, you know – to really test out her range. OH MY GOSH.

There are moments I can understand why people break down and do things they regret….because exhaustion + ear piercing bark = impaired decision making.

We have tried everything – ignoring her, taking her outside to go to the bathroom, not taking her outside, giving her a new blanket, putting a sheet over her kennel, not having a sheet over kennel, saying “NO”, not saying “NO”, and then last night at 1:30 am we moved her right next to our bed (usually she is in the kitchen) and after a few firm “No’s” she fell asleep and so did we.

I don’t get it. Why now? What changed with her in the last few days? Why is she doing this to us?

paint the pavement

Sunday September 23, 2007

Yesterday, our neighborhood painted our intersection in a project called Paint the Pavement. Jake and I volunteered on the planning committee and have been working on this project with some other neighbors.

Jake was the designer and the Paint Master for the day. Mary came up and so did my parents! It was an awesome day with beautiful weather and a great community turn out.

I watched toddlers paint outside the lines and didn’t even freak out.

Here are some photos from the day -

drip drip drip

Friday September 21, 2007

Well, with the torrential downpours we have been having lately there have been a few surprises at our house. One of which is this lovely drip drip drip in the basement! Ahhhhh, home ownership is the best.