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Friday August 31, 2007

Right now, as I type, my Dad is having quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery.

Basically he was a walking heart attack with four of his arteries almost 90% blocked. After an angiogram yesterday afternoon they scheduled surgery for 8:30 am this morning. Can I say – Holy Shit?!

My Dad is healthy and plays racquetball or golfs almost everyday – so the doctors tell us everything will go smoothly. His father died of a heart attack. So this is pretty scary. My gut tells me everything is going to be fine though.

His 63rd birthday is on Monday – what a crappy way to celebrate.

dirty paws

Wednesday August 29, 2007

Our life now involves and sorta revolves around a puppy.
Jake and I have turned into “those” people that we ALWAYS said we would not be…

You know – talking about bathroom routines, eating habits, annoying habits, and the oh so HILARIOUS little things that a puppy does.

But you know what? I don’t care. For quite awhile I have been too “into” me, my problems, my perfectionism, my “issues” that I had a really hard time relaxing.

Now I don’t care about dirty paws on my clothes and I invite puppy kisses on my cheek in the morning.

Judy has a beating heart and is full of energy and love – and THAT is a good thing!


Tuesday August 28, 2007

Jake bought a knife sharpener on Sunday and sharpened all our knifes that night.

I bought potatoes on Monday and Jake started slicing them that night.

Five minutes later Jake did not have the tip of his left pinky.

We were sad to see it go…but we had no choice.


Monday August 27, 2007

Judy has a twitter account! Now we all can keep up with how the day is going for her and Jake :)

come here!

Thursday August 23, 2007

Even though she is so cute…puppy training is hard. Consistency, patience, and reinforcement – oh my! Anyone have tips?