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all about

Wednesday May 30, 2007

I love technology. I just Gmail chatted with Jake – who is in IRELAND – while he uploaded some digital photos to a computer in IRELAND that he then sent as attachments via Gmail email so I can see what he is seeing halfway across the world. I then took one of his photos, that he just took in IRELAND, and upload it to MY computer and then to blogger, all so I can share our lives with the world. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about?

dreams you dream

Wednesday May 30, 2007

Just about the best damn night I could have ever had was had last night.

I finally got my danish modern teak dining room table off of craigslist. It was a hell of a deal.

I then treated myself to an AMAZING dinner by myself at Broders’ in Minneapolis. I enjoyed a lobster pasta dish and a glass of white wine.

If you haven’t ever asked for a table for one, you need to, because there is nothing more confident than dining alone.

After dinner I got lost driving on the parkway in Minneapolis, eventually making it home. The night was on the verge of dusk, the air was rainy and the roads were romantic.

I called an old friend and we talked on the phone all night about…nothing in particular really, just stuff.

I went to bed and dreamed the dreams you dream about…

something different

Tuesday May 29, 2007

Life has changed for my little circle of friends. Each of us has added something different to the group – whether it is a new baby, dog or a house. We now sit in backyards when we hang out, some of us are breast feeding, and others throw sticks to be fetched. We didn’t do this last year. It is wonderful and beautiful to see your friends in different lights, to see them become more of who they are…

two typical

Friday May 25, 2007

1. New neighbor aka “the block caption” told me in not more than 2 minutes that I had bought all the wrong vegetables to plant in MY garden and that she thought it was a bad idea that I was painting MY dining room a different color.

2. In my robe and ready for bed I couldn’t find my slippers. They were on the porch so I tried to unlock the front door (from the inside) but I could NOT turn the old lock for the life of me – I do not know why it wasn’t working….so, I put on my heels and went out the back door to open the front door with my key and come inside with my slippers.

Two typical new homeowner experiences I would guess.

getting a dog

Thursday May 24, 2007

Recently, I have been just a little obsessed with getting a dog. I don’t know why I want a dog so badly. Well, sure I do – they are soft and nice and they will always love me no matter what.

BUT…they do bark and poop and dig and sometimes chew on nice things.

I have been calling newspaper ads about puppies and checking the humane society website. I have been reading a puppy book that Paige lent me. I have even started to not let the “oh god” dogs bother me every time they start barking – which is EVERY TIME someone steps into the alley. But it’s fine – I’m fine with it. I am changing how I think. I love dogs.

Tonight I even visited the humane society. As I walked in the smell almost turned me around. Then I just stood there – looking at all the cages of cats. So MANY cats. The woman pointed me to the dogs. I walked down this narrow hall to the dogs and opened the door. There was a German Shepard puppy sitting there only moving its head up to look who had come in. There was an old fuzzy poodle whose eyes followed my every move. And then there was a beagle that kept bouncing up and down up and down and trying to hold back its excitement but finally letting out some barks. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of that room as fast as I could.

They were so alone.

And there was nothing I could do to help them and it was so so so sad. I am crying right now just thinking about them. Who were these dogs and why were they there? What happened to the people who had them before? I was so sad thinking that no one would ever adopt them and take them home. I went there knowing I could not have taken one home but I went anyway. I felt selfish for going and for looking at them helpless in their cages. I couldn’t take it and as I drove home crying I knew I shouldn’t have gone, I wasn’t ready.