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Saturday April 28, 2007


squeaky noises

Thursday April 26, 2007

Friends, family and figuring it all out.

Last night we drove down to Northfield with a car packed full of Punch pizzas, wine, presents and anticipation. We were so excited to meet the baby!

It puts life into perspective seeing those little fingers and toes and hearing squeaky noises.

We all fell in love.

Matt said it best…it’s even more special sharing this joy and journey with our circle of friends.


Thursday April 26, 2007

Going to go see Amanda, Matt and their new baby boy for the first time tonight.

your chance

Friday April 20, 2007

hmmmm, hello. is anyone out there? if you read and don’t comment – here is your chance! please give me the honor of your comment, this is all i will ask of you (today).


Thursday April 19, 2007

Amanda is in labor. Got a text at 3 am from her. Read her blog this afternoon. I love technology. Wait, just got another text. It is a boy! This is an exciting day! I might have just told Paige that I am exhausted (it must be the adrenaline). If I think I am exhausted I can only imagine what Amanda and Matt are feeling right now. Probably more than anything – JOY!