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lisa ling

Thursday March 29, 2007

A lot has been happening in my life lately.
Visits to Arizona and then Boston all in two short weeks.
Finding out we are getting kicked out of our apartment.
Deciding that we want to buy a house.
And a dog.
Well, not really but maybe someday.

But with all that said – there is still something that has topped all the excitement of these last few weeks…and the story is about to unfold.

Paige and I had just heard Lisa Ling speak about her experiences, passions, and journalism. She told stories of heartache and injustice of women and children all over the world, to a room full of people that could have listened to her stories for weeks. She was amazing. I was inspired and moved by her honesty and compassion.

It was great. Then came the private reception with Lisa Ling. I was nervous and excited and there was a lot of build up to this moment (running to get some nuns and thinking I had lost Paige). But all worked out and a circle had formed around Lisa Ling.

When it came time for me to introduce myself to Lisa Ling (who by the way works for Oprah – with Oprah – has sat next to Oprah on her couch) and ask her a really smart, intelligent, thoughtful question – I just reached out my hand and said, “hi, i’m anne” and nervously looked away.

Oh No What Have I Done?

Then it came to Paige and she reached out her hand and Lisa Ling shook it and Paige said, “So, what’s Oprah like?” It was perrrfect and I relaxed instantly. Paige was quoting Chris Rock on David Letterman.

Minutes later, Lisa Ling’s car arrived and she had to go…but not before two people stalled with an awkward - the guy doesn’t know how to use a fancy camera – photo for the school newspaper. Paige turns to me and says, “We can’t have LISA LING leave without getting a photo for our blogs!!!!” I grab my camera out of my purse and just as the awkward photo is done I say, “Lisa, two seconds, photo, like best friends.” I stretch out my left arm and tilt my head to the right as Lisa Ling practically rests her cheek on Paige, I take the photo.


It was perfect. And isn’t this photo just perfect? Hello!!!

Here it is again, just because it is awesome.

2 years

Wednesday March 28, 2007

Oh my gosh. I missed my blogs 2 year birthday! It was last Friday!!!

arizona or bust

Saturday March 24, 2007

little jaded

Thursday March 22, 2007

It’s true. We have to leave our apartment and we don’t want to. So last night I hung up all the pictures/frames/art that I had been wanting to. I don’t care if I nailed ten new holes in our walls because they won’t be our walls in 30 days. You could say I am feeling a little jaded.

Nonetheless, Jake and I are both trying to be positive.

We might buy a house…all this drama has really made us think that we might be done paying rent and having someone else decide where and how long we are going to live somewhere.

The questions is – can we get a loan, buy a house, and close the deal in 30 days?

That I will have to keep you posted on…wish us luck!


Sunday March 18, 2007

I am surrounded my palm trees, white hair round belly men, pink trim manufactured houses and 95 degree heat. It is a little surreal….

Unfortunately, I just heard the worst news.

My apartment building has been sold and the four new 20 something owners are kicking us out. Our lease is done April 30th and that is it. Done. Out. Kicked out.

I am pissed, so pissed. I am screaming on the inside and want to run away!!!!

But I am stuck behind the gates of this beautiful surreal retirement community.