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why do you steal?

Monday January 29, 2007

A very strange thing happens every couple weeks in my apartment stairwell.
I open my door to leave or take the garbage out and it is pitch black.
I call my landlord to tell him the lights are out again…

Last time I called he told me something interesting – he suspects that someone in the apartment building is switched their burnt out lights with the working ones in the fixtures.
I couldn’t believe it.
My landlord always uses the same brand so he knows what they are doing.

Last night when I opened my door to take out the garbage and it was pitch black I had to check.
Yup, a different brand replaced my landlords brand.

I decided I needed to take action.
I got a light bulb of my own and a black sharpie.

I wrote – Why Do You Steal? on the light bulb.


Friday January 26, 2007

My mom is totally checking herself out in the sweater my dad bought her.
My dad is, well, waiting to see if she is going to take it back.

One week ago my dad retired.
Now I have two retired parents.

Since his retirement my dad got his own cell phone.
He told me today that he has to remind himself to bring it with him when he leaves the house.

On Monday they leave for Arizona for two months.
They will play golf and be retired.

just two

Thursday January 25, 2007

We meet at Nina’s Cafe on Selby at 6:45 in the morning.

Sometimes we are all there but sometimes there is just two of us. We drink coffee or tea and start the morning the best way I know how – just talking and catching up on one anothers busy lives.

To my dear friend Pagie – thank you for this morning, it is such a pleasure to start my day with you!

sides of my

Wednesday January 24, 2007

I have a thing about feet.

I don’t like dirty feet. I don’t like my feet to touch the ground without some sort of protective layer – socks, shoes, or slippers – it doesn’t matter. I just need to have something between me and a dirty dirty floor. I also have a hard time with mismatched socks. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway….

It is very hard for me to shower in other people’s showers and shower when I go camping. Camp showers are scary. If I forget my shower flip flops I usually have a panic attack. Anyway, I have a hard time in other people’s showers. I tend to stand on just the sides of my feet, that way not my entire foot is touching that foreign surface. It makes me too nervous to relax my feet, I just cannot do it (believe me, I have tried).

So last night I had a nightmare of all nightmares. I had to shower in a gross disgusting community shower that had a rotten wooden floor moldy shower curtain and everything was covered in mud. Not nice spa mud but old gross slimy mud.

I woke up in a sweat. It was horrible.

art shanty

Saturday January 20, 2007

Last weekend Jake and I went out to a frozen lake to support our friend Joel’s Art Shanty. For some reason no one told me it was really going to be on a frozen lake.

I wore heels.