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cross everyday

Thursday November 30, 2006

There is this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul that I have to cross everyday in my car.

On most days people hold signs in protest at this place.
Other people honk at these people holding signs.

Anyway, I always hope that when I am coming up to cross this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul I either have a green light – and I just pass on by – or I have to stop behind many cars – why is this so?

Because if I have a red light and I am the first car, then I am staring straight onto this crazy busy intersection place in St. Paul and it makes my head hurt.

The other day I got caught up in the front of the line and I could hardly open my eyes – I was getting motion sick – car sick if you will.
I tried to cover my eyes but the car behind me started honking.
I guess red had turned to green and it was time to go.

driver side

Wednesday November 29, 2006

Someone broke into my car.
I left the driver side door open last night.

The funny thing is I remember thinking that I hadn’t locked it…but I thought it would be safe.

They had to crawl over the driver seat to get into the glove compartment.
At first I thought – maybe all my stuff had just fallen out…?
But that is pretty much impossible.

My old sunglasses are still there, my owners manual is still there, my car insurance information is still there, my supply of tampons are still there, my mixed tapes are still there, my broken compass is still there – just all on the floor now.

They didn’t take anything or leave anything.
I don’t know what I was expecting – maybe a note of explanation? A message of who they are and why they did what they did?

I guess they did leave something for me – a sense of violation.
Which is like a pit in your stomach that doesn’t go away.

those moments

Friday November 24, 2006

Two months ago…

We stopped for just a bit but she appreciated it so much, as she always did.

She offered chicken fingers and gravy from her freezer (her favorite DQ treat that she keeps on hand). How could we refuse?

I had brought my camera so we started to snap a few candid shots, showing them seconds after; it is always a marvel.

As we were saying good bye she grabbed Jake’s face rubbed her cheek against his beard smiling and laughing.

It was just one of those moments….

She went into the hospital a week later. At ninety-two her body just doesn’t quite know what to do even seven weeks later. We are all hoping that she will get better because it is just so damn hard to see someone you love so sick, so weak, so fragile.

straight up

Monday November 20, 2006

On my drive to work this morning…

Milk cartons were spilling from trucks and squirrel tails stuck straight up from the road.


or maybe

Sunday November 19, 2006

Last week I had lunch with a ninety year old Sister (aka a nun).

I have never been around a real nun before. She makes me feel a little nervous at times but I really really like her.

She has a very matter a fact way about her. Whenever I ask her a question she answers so obviously.

She is very smart.

I think the funniest thing that happened that afternoon occurred literally in the last 10 seconds of our visit….

As I am dropping her off she turns to me and says, “I think I am allergic to something in your car.

Or maybe you.”