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cheesy puffs

Friday April 28, 2006

It has been too long since my last post.

All I can say is that even though I have been keeping too busy with work I have started to make better use of the time I have outside of work…balance, it is all about balance.

Oh, and today is Jake’s 25th birthday! We are currently both obsessed with Natural Cheetos! They are wonderfully delicious cheesy puffs of air!


Friday April 7, 2006

This is a random post because I can make random posts if I want to because this is my blog. These boys in the photo are my friends and Jakes friends too so we all are friends because we are all from Kato. From left to right here is a little history.

Matt O. and I played hand-bells for our church growing up. He was a swimmer in high school with Jake and they both look good in a speedo but Matt O. drums Jake does not, Matt O. is a really good drummer. Shawn Gruenhagen and I lived real close to one another in Kato and we both went to Jefferson Elementary. We used to bike to each others house to hang out when we were young. His family plays hoot and hollar and I love that game. Then we have Jake. Jake is my man and I really like him I started liking him my last year of high school because I saw his paintings in Mr. Halsteads art class I kept asking Mr. Halstead, who is this Jake Ingman kid? Well now I know and I am happy. Genter is next. He and Jake were roommates in college which might have tainted their relationship a little but all is back to normal. I will never forget the first time I met Genter, he explained to me what torque was…I still don’t get it but thanks either way. Genter plays video games enough said. And then there is Joel we were in school together first through twelfth. I have a photo of him from the last day of second grade in Mrs. Pattersons class, Joel is an amazing artist and I have a painting of his from our senior year of high school. We grew up together.

I love everyone is this photo.

covering it

Wednesday April 5, 2006

It is 12:30 am and I should be sleeping because I am trying to get in a normal sleeping routine. But instead I made rice, beans, grilled some peppers, and made myself a flying burrito.

These past months, weeks, days have been a blur. I almost feel that I have lost control…in the sense that I can’t seem to make the changes in my life a reality. I want to say, do, feel, be so many different things but I can’t seem to begin the process of really changing my…life, routine, behaviors.

(I thought about putting my TV in storage…or at least covering it with a sheet).

I know what I need to do. I know that all it takes is the decision to change. The will to do and be better. Why is it so easy to be so messy, lazy and tired?

This is sorta depressing. I need to sleep.

out of the corner

Tuesday April 4, 2006

We all do it, we all want that perfect self-portrait, where we look serious but still sexy.

Good thing for digital cameras because we know instantly if the shot will work.

…work for that photo you post on your blog or send to all your friends.

You should see my iPhoto library.

I have definitely taken some practice shots.

I am not embarrassed of this fact!

This is more than a self portrait because I didn’t know that out of the corner of my eye my friends were being silly.

But my slight smile tells you that I can hear them laughing!