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st. paul

Friday December 30, 2005

Going to St. Paul today to meet some friends for lunch and do a little shopping! I can’t wait!!!

ache with

Tuesday December 27, 2005

The feeling of being home and thinking of nothing else than just being home…yeah, that is where I am right now.

Since last Thursday I have met with friends and family, carried out traditions and new experiences, and have celebrated non-stop. It has been all too wonderful to even begin to explain. Just being present and with all of them…well, there have been moments where I could feel my heart ache with happiness.

Life begins to make more sense when you least expect it.

happy holidays

Monday December 26, 2005


Dear friends and family,

-After a year of waking up to velvet foam cappuccinos and caramel lattes I decided to move out of my cozy little corner of downtown St. Paul called Starbucks Coffee Company.

-I had a summer like we did in second grade, well sort of…I blogged. I took a rode trip with my Mom to Montana. I hung out with friends all day and all night. I shopped. And I decided to move to Iowa.

-It was tough to leave my friends in St. Paul but I knew that it was time to finally be in the same state as Jake.

-As far as the job search goes I didn’t have a back up plan. So with but one call and one five-hour interview I now have a salary, paid vacation and a retirement plan!

-Now that Jake and I live in our respected apartments just a three-minute drive apart we go on walks, dates and are adjusting to what a “non-long distance” relationship feels like. We just celebrated our six-year anniversary and are enjoying this new stage of our partnership.

-My Mom retired this October, my Dad is still working at the college and my brother Peter and his girlfriend Cassie are both graduating from college this December. We are all adjusting to the sad lose of our dog, Patches. After a long life we had to put her to sleep this past month.

-I continue to be healthy and happy and look forward to what life has to bring. Optimism and enthusiasm will take you anywhere! Know that I think of you all often and hope that you are well. Call or write anytime.

The blogger addition:

-After only 10 months of blogging I can honestly say that my life would not be the same without the people I have come to appreciate through this crazy blogging world. I never would have imagined how much reading thousands of words, hundreds of stories and thoughts could mean to me. Thank you all for your inspiration!

Happy Holidays!

eyes aching

Thursday December 22, 2005

I worked at my computer all day today until my eyes started aching.

Tonight Jake and I saw Pride and Prejudice, it was so good.

Then we carried a futon mattress down to Jake’s car so he could bring it back to his apartment.

It had been on my floor for over a month.

Right now I am sitting on the floor where the mattress used to be.

Tomorrow I think my eyes aching again will be inevitable.

between now

Wednesday December 21, 2005

I have only two days of work between now and my return on January 3rd.

Until then I wait.

My holiday cards have been sealed and sent.

My packages have been picked and packed.

I am ready.

For my days to be filled with friends, family and food!