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Wednesday November 30, 2005

As tears roll out of my puffy eyes down my checks I miss her.

Last night after what seemed like an already bad day I found out that my dog, Patches, was put to sleep.

I could not stop crying. I really really couldn’t.

Even though I had said “good-bye” to her when I was home for Thanksgiving, I am still so sad.

I didn’t think it would be this hard.

can’t be so

Tuesday November 15, 2005

It’s what’s for dinner.

A family tradition.

It’s what I choose as my special birthday meal.

I can always count on it as the perfect leftover.

Spaghettie meat pie is what we call it…and I decided to make it for myself this past Saturday.

This past year I have joined two local co-ops and have chose organic over conventional. When buying meat, which is seldom, I look for organic. My Co-op in Ames, Iowa is not as abundant as my old St. Paul, MN Co-op…so at times I have to shop at the local Hy-Vee (a Midwest grocery store…or maybe it just Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa…hmmm? I need to travel more).

On Saturday I couldn’t find any organic beef and couldn’t bring myself to get the conventional beef. I prefer my cows to actually graze in pastures and feed on grass as opposed to stuck in a cage and force fed corn mush with a side of antibiotics.

Stearing away from the beef packages wrapped in cellophane I decide to try something new. I head back to the Natural Market corner where all that weird “natural” food is located…like soy products and expensive organic stuff…please note the intended sarcasm. And then I see it—Gimmi Lean meatless fat free cholesterol free meat. I think to myself, “It can’t be so bad. It says to just fry it up in a skillet and is great in tacos, marinara sauce, omelets, and lasagna, or just sausage patties.”

I’ll give anything a try.

As hard as I try it doesn’t taste like my favorite meat pie.

My fake meat just wasn’t that good for dinner.

over the

Friday November 11, 2005

I just talked to Jake in Germany! Our conversation occured through our lap tops over the Internet using Skype.

He also sent some pictures the other day, this is a sign he found in a residential neighborhood!

I miss you Jake but I am so glad you are having so much fun!!!

justify my

Saturday November 5, 2005

It is 5:20 pm and I am still in my pj’s and robe. I actually have only been awake for four hours.

In those four hours I have watched Headliners and Legends hosted by Matt Lauer on Oprah and countless TLC decorating shows…drank a hot cup of green tea and heated up some pizza from late last night.

I don’t really know where to start…should I take a shower, get dressed, clean up my mess, or just save myself some time and stay in my pj’s?

I am maybe a little lazy today.

Here is the part where I justify my laziness: For the past three weekends I have been on the road…so I haven’t had a relaxing weekend “home” in awhile.

I also might be a little lonely today.

Here is the part where I justify my loneliness: Jake left on Tuesday for Germany and won’t return until next Sunday.

dancing with

Wednesday November 2, 2005

How could I have missed them?
I remember glancing up and seeing their bright colors and thinking..I should take a walk.
But they fell so fast.

Now I see through the branches and over to the street.
The shade is gone.

The few still holding on are dancing with the wind.