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a little

Wednesday October 26, 2005

I know I have been a little behind with my comments on all the blogs I visit. Which makes me feel that I am neglecting my blogger friends.

Tonight I was thinking about that…there is a difference between “non-blogger friends” and “blogger friends” but sometimes I wish there wasn’t.

Because I know that if I saw a “blogger friend” on the street, I would most definitely scream with joy and give them a huge hug…just as I would do with a “non-blogger friend.”

Basically I am a little jealous that Cheryl, Marissa and Mindi all had brunch last Sunday.

good laugh

Monday October 24, 2005

Sometimes, you really need a good laugh.

still reading

Monday October 17, 2005

Hi. I am still here.

I am busy and tired from my new job.

I am trying to find that balance of life that we all strive to achieve. Well, I haven’t found it yet.

To all my blogger friends out there, know that I am still reading…but not commenting as much.

I am tired now.

the subject said

Wednesday October 12, 2005

It still has the crease marks from where I folded it and kept it in my pocket six years ago. I remember reading it aloud to all the girls on my floor and they always wanted to hear it again.

The subject said I love you.


Of all the things I have done while I have been here, whether it be hanging out with my friends, acing a test, or walking across campus on a beautiful fall afternoon, nothing has given me the feeling your card gave me today. I was so happy. To think that there is someone as caring, creative, beautiful, smart, and happy as you out there, is in itself amazing. You are truly a gift to this world. Never change.

That being said, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you. So if you want to find out, walk outside at 3:00 pm, close your eyes and tilt your head to the sky, take a deep breath and open your eyes. When all you can see is the wide blue sky and the drops of red and orange in the trees, that is how much.

Missing you in Iowa.

Jake wrote this before he knew I liked him, before we became best friends, before we fell in love, and before I moved to Iowa to finally be together. I know now what I knew then, that he makes me feel like no one else ever has….and that their is no one I would rather be with.

new colors

Saturday October 8, 2005

I had a summer of freedom! My days were my decisions and my time was endless. I squeezed possibility out of every moment.

Fall has arrived in Iowa. The harvest is here! The trees are new colors my eyes have never seen and the air is crisp with anticipation.