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things are good

Wednesday August 31, 2005

I am so happy right now. I have been in Ames, Iowa for a week. Jake and I really like living in the same city together. I got a new apartment and move in next week. Even though I had a crappy phone interview on Monday, I had a great phone interview today. My friend Trisha called, she just started graduate school and loves it. This evening I headed up to MN for the weekend. My Dads birthday is on Saturday. And I need to get the rest of my furniture from St. Paul. During my 3 1/2 hour car ride I spoke with my friend Casey, who is in New York right now and when we called he was running across Broadway and when we hung up it was raining! I thought about my NY blogger friends. I stopped in Northfield to visit Amanda and Matt, they just got a new iBook and iPod. Amanda heated up some food for me and we talked and laughed and it was like I hadn’t even left! I am sleeping over and we are going to have coffee in the morning. Tomorrow I am going to pack up the rest of my stuff in St. Paul. And I am going to see Paige and Allisa. I need to call my friends Meghan and Edmund too. Things are good.

these places

Tuesday August 30, 2005

Hello! I really appreciate all of you out there…Wherever you are in this world!

Recently my partner Jake helped me find this unique site that shows the location of the last twenty people to visit any website. It updates every few hours and you can zoom in and see the city, state, or country a visitor is from.

The last twenty people who have visited my blog are from these places.

This website does this for free!

one to stumble

Monday August 29, 2005

“Tell me about a time when you avoided a problem for a school or work project by keeping others informed? ”

Huh? Crap, I have no idea. What kind of question is that?

I can’t think of anything. Nothing is coming out of my mouth….except, Ahhhhh…ummmm….hmmmm.

That is a really good question, I compliment. Basically just trying to fill some of the silence.

Then I actually say, Oh, wow, ummm, I really don’t know.

I just start talking, I don’t even know where I came up with the words to finally answer this ridiculous question, but I did, and it was horrible.

Oh well. I have another one to stumble through on Wednesday.

romantic comedy

Sunday August 28, 2005

Had another wedding this weekend. There was almost a two hour gap from the end of the ceremony to the start of the reception…we brought a laptop and watched The Wedding Date at a park.

As we were watching our movie, an older woman sat at the table behind us. I turned around and watched her take out of her bag hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and a fork. She then proceeded to peel the eggs and make the egg salad. At a park…? Is that weird?

I guess we were watching a romantic comedy at a park.

me blogging

Thursday August 25, 2005

This is me blogging at Jakes. We both live in Ames, Iowa. We eat lunch together now.