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Thursday June 30, 2005

The invite asked, “What could be better than Sex and the City??? Knitting in the Country (while watching Sex and the City of course).”

Last night Allisa, Paige (and Luke), Chanda (and Bryan) and myself all traveled to Northfield Minnesota for knitting club (the boys went away when we all arrived at Amanda and Matt’s house). We all gathered around fresh strawberries from the farm, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella and of course some minty mohitto’s. The night really was fabulous and I feel more lucky than ever to call these women my friends. I always feel inspired and silly when we are together!

To toast my last days at Starbucks and our friendship, Paige made me a gift. A t-shirt with, IM BLOGGING THIS, on the front. Is that not perfect or what?! (I am wearing it right now!)

After getting home at midnight and getting up at 5:30 am for work…I was excited to come home to relax the afternoon away.

Then my phone rang.

It was my friend Meghan from Mankato, she was downtown looking for my Starbucks to surprise me! I told her I was done with work and I gave her directions to my apartment. I knew she was only like 8 minutes away.

These are the panicked thoughts running through my head:

OH MY GOSH. My apartment is a disaster. I have been using those big soup spoons for cereal…because I have been too lazy to wash the regular spoons…I think every bowl I own is scattered around my apartment…there are clothes all over the place. YIKES. I have eight minutes…okay, I CAN DO THIS.

I picked up all my clothes and threw them into the hamper. I straighten my towels on my towel rack. I picked up every random piece of paper and miscellaneous item and threw them all in my closet. Then I surveyed the dishes situation. There was no way l could wash them all…I then had a truly brilliant idea.

I stuffed as many bowls, spoons, glasses, and mugs as I could into my oven and shut the door.

With sweat dripping off my forehead I hear my phone ring…it is Meghan, she is just around the corner.

As I am telling her to make a left, then a right hand turn…my vacuum is being plugged in and as we hang up I am already vacuuming my rug…I shake out my down comforter and I am done.

I greet her at the door with my new t-shirt on and she thinks my place is perfect!

The whole time I was thinking, IM BLOGGING THIS.

take the cannoli

Tuesday June 28, 2005

take the cannoli
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Last night I stayed up late reading Take the Cannoli, Stories from the New World by Sarah Vowel. This is a fantastic book, extremely hilarious and refreshing!

And for some reason I have the day off today (even though it is my last week of work and I need all the money I can get…my manager still gives me a day off! Gee, thanks!).

Anyway, I of course want to be productive on my day off…but as of yet, this has not occurred. I have however, slept all morning, checked my e-mail and blogged, ate some Grape Nuts, and now I am thinking about reading my book…or maybe not.


Monday June 27, 2005

I went to work at 6 am this morning and rang up customers all day…it was very mundane. I am okay with it though because this is my last week of work at Starbucks. I will be officially unemployed next week.

Steve (a very regular customer) came in to say good-bye today. He gave me a very nice card.

After work I caught the bus up the hill to my apartment and watched Wimbledon for a bit (Did Davenport eventually win?). Turned the TV off and caught up on some blog reading and commenting.

I am now eating Blue Chips and drinking Iced Green Tea.

I was inspired today by some fellow bloggers (Thanks Still Figuring Out and Marissa!) to add some fun tidbits (is that a word?) about myself; here are three to get you started!

1. I would rather get up super early than stay up real late.

2. I collect foreign coins (all from our “Tip Jars” at work) and keep them in a little circular box next to my bed.

3. I bought radishes at the Co-op the other day because I thought they looked beautiful. I don’t even like radishes.

pillsbury flour

Saturday June 25, 2005

pillsbury flour
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Casey and I spent this day together. We had lunch at my apartment and then headed out for some ice cream at Izzy’s (famous for their Izzy scoop, which is an extra mini scoop of any flavor). Casey had a cup of salted carmel ice cream with peace coffee as his Izzy and I had my favorite chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate almond as my Izzy.

After enjoying our Izzy’s we went for a walk around the campus of St. Thomas College in St. Paul. We sat and talked for a long time and eventually headed back to my apartment. We decided for dinner Nia’s Pizza in Minneapolis. We sat outside and I pretended we were at some cafe in Europe or at some bistro in New York (I love to pretend), we laughed and imagined where life would take us.

As we were heading out we stopped to take photographs of the old Pillsbury Flour mill. It was beautiful with the sun setting around the abandoned mill and over-grown train tracks. We goofed around and took some silly shots on the train tracks and then explored closer to the mill, after we noticed the No Trespassing sign we headed out!

When Casey and I met the summer before 10th grade we were only 15 years old. We both had crushes on each other and eventually started “going out.” More importantly we became best friends.

I remember sitting up late at night writing him silly letters that I would give him the next day at school. (To this day he has a box full of notes, letters, and small treasures I gave him that 10th grade year). Even though we didn’t go out forever…we have remained the greatest of friends. It doesn’t matter how long we have not spoken, we always just pick up where we left off. No one can take away our summer of biking everywhere, swimming at Luke’s pool, Mr. Halstead’s art classes, skiing at Mt. Kato, CARL, or even Ping Pong in the basement.

do you want to see my apartment?

Friday June 24, 2005

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This is where I live. This is what it looked like when I first moved my stuff in…it looks different now, not that different I guess, just more “put together.” I will post a more updated picture when I have a digital camera in my hands…but it probably won’t really look that different. How much different can 225 square feet look? Anyway, those are Jake’s Chacos by the red chair.