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huge pile

Friday May 27, 2005

I watched “Rob and Amber Get Married” on Tuesday night. It was fantastic and beautiful!

I walked home in the rain on Wednesday. I tried a different route but I was still soaked when I got home.

Two old co-workers, Kevin and Edmund, came into work to visit yesterday! It was great to see them both!

I bought banana split supplies last night and I ate a banana split.

All week I have been ignoring this huge pile of clothes that I keep transporting from my bed, to my chair, to my floor…I wonder when I will actually just breakdown and put them away…??

I am debating what to do this weekend. I just got back from work and will have to decide shortly.

I hope that everyone has had a good week and has a good weekend!

world go around

Tuesday May 24, 2005

I walked home from work today. My route takes me through downtown on 5th Street, a gravel parking lot, up a hill on a sidewalk right next to cars honking and driving too fast. Half way up I have to cross this busy street. I desperately hit the “I want to cross the street and not get killed. Please flash the little white walking person” button. I finally cross it gets better, I move away from the hussle and bustle of the cars and walk up a well worn dirt path…once I get to the top I am on Selby Avenue. Along the way I see on the sidewalk, “All the colors of the rainbow make the world go around” written in chalk (isn’t that fantastic?!), today I stopped at a little card shop two blocks from my apartment (I bought two homemade caramels that I ate before I got home). People were out in abundance because the weather is almost perfect, you can feel the rain in the air but it is not yet here.

While walking home I smiled and said hello to the people that I passed. All it takes is a smile to connect with someone. Why don’t more people smile? Why are we taught to never talk to “strangers”? Why isn’t everyone just turning to one another and exclaiming how utterly incredibile it is to see them, asking them who they are and what is their story?!!?!?!?

Something else occured to me on my walk home today. As I was waiting to cross the busy street I hear someone honking like crazy. I recognize the driver as a regular customer, apparently the car in front of theirs was not moving fast enough. Their impatience was ridiculous. Everyday I “serve” impatient people…I feel frustrated with them because sometimes they don’t even say hello. I found myself even more disappointed and realizing that impatience is cruel, rude, insensative, but most of all selfish.

Maybe the actions of others (or more importantly our own) teach us who we want to be.

i am quitting my job

Monday May 23, 2005

Today I told my manager that my last day with Starbucks is July 1st!

allisa’s garden

Monday May 23, 2005

Today I started my day off right with an almond croissant.

Then I worked all day.

After work I headed over to Allisa’s to see her new kitchen. It is a beautiful robin egg blue with new cabinets, counters and a sink, it looks fantastic!

In her back yard she has planted a garden full of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, sweet corn, garlic, rosemary, basil, mint, lettuce, beans, lavender and much more! It looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it in full bloom (and share in the feast).

Today it is beautiful out and it feels great. I left for my apartment with a bouquet of lilies of the valley. Thank you Allisa!

field day

Saturday May 21, 2005

I surprised my Mom on Thursday for her annual Field Day she organizes for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. My Mom has been the Elementary Physical Education Teacher for Lake Crystal Elementary almost 35 years. She will be retiring next October (so this is her last Field Day and last “end of the year” for her).

She was completely surprised and screamed when she saw me! The Field Day was fabulous and so fun to watch! It literally has been raining for the past three weeks but the sun showed up for my Mom’s Field Day!

The kids love Field Day, they get split up into teams, each enter three different events, and get scored and timed by the big high school track team volunteers. The relay is the finale and it really is so exciting! Two girls and two boys from each class race their little hearts out for about 100 meters and then hand off the baton to their classmate. Everyone cheers and screams for who they want to win!

After school Mom and I drove home to Mankato and had leftover spaghetti meat pie and waited for my Dad and Peter to come home. We talked and talked and then I had to drive back up to St. Paul.

I love going home, it always feels….just good.