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Wednesday April 27, 2005

I saw my Auntie Sue, Grandmother, and cousin Stacy today! We went vintage dress shopping for Stacy (senior prom in a week and a half). We stopped at Lula’s on Selby, it wasn’t open. Then we drove to Vi’s Vintage in Uptown and it was open! Stacy tried on about six different dresses…but the blue one was perfect! I have to admit she looks absolutely beautiful! It was so fun to be out shopping and hanging out with my cousin and aunt. They are so funny.

We eventually headed over to surprise my Grandma (the one with the cup and saucers) and went to lunch at Highland Grill. I had carrot and gorgonzola cheese soup and the goat cheese salad!! (“Typical” Amanda choice!!!)

Last night I had an appointment with a YWCA personal trainer (free with a new membership) and it she was so helpful. I learned how to use the machines correctly and which settings work best for me and what weight I should start with and how many repitions to do. I felt really good afterwards and can’t wait to continue the program. I also joined a class so tonight I am off to Yoga at the Y!


  1. stacy says:

    hey anne, thanks for taking me shopping today, i had so much fun with you! and your apartment is fabulous, i will have to come visit again soon

  2. Anne says:


    I had so much fun too! Please visit soon!

    I cannot wait to see pictures from Prom! I am sure you looked fabulous!


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