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Sunday April 24, 2005

I have started to notice that I blog what I did the day before….hmmm.

Yesterday, I went to the Lion King! My morning started out slow and I was feeling a little bummed. My apartment was a mess and I just cannot function when it is like that…I feel paralyzed and procrastinate and then feel perturbed with myself. I sit on my bed and stare at my mess. Anyway, I made the decision to clean it up and after awhile I looked at the time…1 o’clock….“need to be in downtown Minneapolis in one hour….don’t know how to get to theater…need to shower…it takes me 20 minutes or more to get downtown….”

I was going to the Lion King with my parents and some family friends. My mom had already called twice and I hadn’t picked up…I wasn’t avoiding her I was just in-a-zone and knew exactly what she was going to say, “Where are you? When are you going to get here? Do you know how to get here? Where should we meet you to give you the ticket?”

I am officially dressed and ready to go at 1:35, more than enough time to get downtown (I think). Right then my phone rings, it is my Mom, “Where are you? My apartment. Oh my gosh! It starts at 2! I know, I am only in St. Paul. When are you leaving? Right now Mom. Do you know how to get here? Not really but I think I can find it. Okay well…it is on 8th street…and Hennepin…by Marshall Fields..where are you going to park? You could park at Marshall Fields…or there is a ramp on LaSalle. Just get off on 5th and go 3 blocks south to 8th...I guess we will just have to look for you to give you your ticket. Okay Mom, thanks.

Dad calls back 2 minutes later, “Hi Anne, we are going to leave your ticket at the Will Call window. They close the doors at 2…Good luck.” Did I mention that I am notorious for “instinctually” going to the wrong way…ALL of the time?

Long story short…I got into downtown, found 9th street (which has to be close to 8th street), never did find Hennepin, and eventually saw LaSalle (remembering my Mom had mentioned something about LaSalle) and just parked my car and ran. I made it with about 1 minute to spare!

The Lion King was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It brought tears to my eyes the first 5 minutes. The costumes, the make-up, the music, the dancing, and the singing were unbelievable. I loved it!

After the show we all went out to dinner and ate delicious food, drank some wine, and had some fine dessert. My kind of night!


  1. Jude says:

    Nice blogsite!! Check out MY BLOG!

  2. Jayleigh says:

    Just had to comment on Moms. They’re something, aren’t they?

    BTW I went to the Twin Cities a month ago for the first time ever. I really liked it, but I didn’t get much of a chance to do “fun” things because it was a work trip.

    I want to see The Lion King next time its in Michigan. Thanks for reminding me.

    Great Blog!

  3. Ben Ingman says:

    I just read some of your blog for the first time. It’s good stuff, you are funny. Who are these randoms who are posting on your blog? Do random people just read about what other people are thinking and doing?

    Looking forward to seeing you the 6,7,8th of May. Keep exercising! It makes your life sweeter!


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