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cup and saucer

Monday March 28, 2005

Yesterday was Easter! I got all dressed up in as much pastel as possible. I had on my new pink sash from my Mom and my Great Grandmothers’ purple brooch. I felt like spring!

I started at 10 am driving around my neighborhood looking for a church…fortunately I have an abundance of choices; unfortunately most of the services began at either 9 am or 11 am. I do not attend a church regularly anymore so I thought, “let’s try something different.” I decided the Presbyterian Church looked good so I came back at 11. This was my first time at a Presbyterian church; I grew up attending a Lutheran church.

The day was beautiful and the church was beautiful. Women in big hats, little girls in pink dresses, men and boys in Easter egg ties. I love the feeling of Sunday mornings at church, everyone dressed up and content. I was impressed with the music and service. They made visitors feel welcome (we had to put on a sticker to identify we were visiting). I didn’t really “see” or “feel” any real differences (between Lutheran and Presbyterian). However, I am going to do a little research on the meaning behind the titles.

After church I had to run home and start making the carrots, I was in charge of bringing the carrots. I finally made it to my Grandma’s and everyone was there, ready to eat! We had a wonderful meal, the food was delicious. It was great to spend the afternoon with my Mom and Dad, Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and cousins. I love that we can laugh at ourselves and enjoy each other’s company. I love that we share so many memories.

My Grandma had set up a dozen or so cup and saucers that have become family heirlooms. We all got to choose one, essentially to now become part of our own family history. Each cup and saucer was uniquely beautiful and seemed to perfectly reflect our own personality. Stacy chose a very classy and delicate pattern, Rachel chose a subtle sweet pattern, Abby chose a pretty yet a little wild pattern, and I chose a strong symmetrical pattern. (Don’t worry Erika; Grandma had already set aside a beautiful cup and saucer for you. And Peter, I chose a cup and saucer for you).

I love that my Grandma knows who gave her each and every one of those cup and saucers, a small token from her past now handed off to us to remember.


Saturday March 26, 2005

I work for Starbucks Coffee Company.

I don’t drink coffee.

I do love the idea and culture of coffee…in the morning, with friends, in the evening with dessert, or while you are camping, or traveling. For some reason coffee is an experience and I have come to truly treasure what it does for people. I know that I want to be able to offer coffee for my friends and family when they come to my home.

At work I see the same people everyday. Robin and Vic, Paulette, Dave and Mark, Debbie and Mike, George and Silvio, Kady and Pamela….the names could go on and on….eveyone has their own drink and we usually have it ready for them before they get to the counter. They love that we know what they want.

Right now Starbucks is having their Annual Spring Brewing Sale so I invested in the Barista Quatro Coffee Maker (it is the cutest 4 cup coffee maker and fits perfectly into my little apartment)!

So this morning I made my very first cup of coffee! I felt so grown up.

But it doesn’t mean I am going to start drinking coffee everyday.

even if

Friday March 25, 2005

Lately I have been feeling lazy.

So I made the desicion to incorporate more physical activitiy into my life. I ripped out a classic “15-minute no-fail workout” article from Good Housekeeping and purchased some free weights. I started on Monday and it felt good…Tuesday felt better…and then Wednesday I took a break…along with Thursday…but today I went for a run and did the “15-minute no-fail workout.”

My plan is to continue to MOVE my body.

I used to play sports all the time, all through school I was involved in sports. I remember getting up early, before school started, to run with my friend Amber to get ready for Track tryouts. My Dad would drive the car behind us so we could see! I miss the competition of volleyball and soccer and the need to be at Mount Kato skiing or snowboarding every minute that I could. I miss coming back from practice and feeling SO hungry and SO tired. I miss seeing my Dad at every game I ever played. I hated running hill sprints for track but loved the feeling when I won the 800 meters (even if it was JV). I lived for those days and that feeling.

My plan is to continue to MOVE my body, even if it is to the bus stop.


Thursday March 24, 2005

All day I was excited to come home to write my next entry! I couldn’t stop thinking of funny, witty, and interesting things to write about….hmmm….I think I might be trying too hard! Maybe I will start by explaining why I started my blog. Last night I was talking to my Mom and through my excitment I suggested that she have one too! Her response was that she “doesn’t want to share everything (she) is thinking!” I hope that my blog is a place to share another part of me to my friends and family.

Everyday I run my fastest to catch the bus to work. You should see me, I absolutely bolt out of my apartment and run full speed to the bus stop about three blocks away. This morning (without fail) I am scrambling to eat my breakfast and get my lunch packed so I don’t have to sprint to the bus. However my ritual of sprinting prevailed. When I got there, out of breath, a woman already waiting for the bus looked at me and said that I looked positively drained and humorously suggested I might be hung over! ha!


Wednesday March 23, 2005

Let’s see…where do I start? I know that this is my first post…so naturally I want it to be just perfect. I have already posted something (twice) and have deleted it completely and started over. This blogging thing might be difficult because I am an editing enthusiast. I will challenge my perfectionism to fully embrace the spontenanity of blogging culture!

Today I got up at 6 am and caught the bus to work. Made coffee for 5.15 hours, smiled a lot, said thank you a lot, and had a great morning with my friends Allisa and Miriam (co-workers). Was home by 12:30 and had lunch (leftovers from dinner with Grandma, Mom and Auntie Sue last night). Then I watched ‘Starting Over’…eventually switching to ‘Young, Sexy and Sporty’ on WE. I just set up this blog and am typing right now…

My plants are soaking in the sunshine of the afternoon. I know they are loving it!