Judy, a Border collie, came into our lives on August 12, 2007. She was only 6 weeks old and ridiculously cute. Jake and I had no idea what we had had gotten ourselves into — house breaking and crate training – oh my! It was quite the adventure. We joined puppy training classes, agility training and even went sheep herding.

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Most days Judy is outside guarding the yard from the alley cats and chasing away the squirrels passing through to the next tree. She loves the mailman who gives her a treat everyday, neighbor kids who throw leaves over the fence, and is starting to warm up to the garbage truck guys passing through the alley.

Judy is intensely focused and a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to chasing, herding, running, and playing. Pretty much anything that moves is of great interest to her, including but not limited to – balls, frisbees, squirrels, rabbits, cats, leaves, snow, children and bumble bees. She loves to catch things in her mouth and most likely thinks that the act of raking leaves, mowing the grass, or shoveling snow is a game specifically designed with her in mind.

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Even with her endless energy she eventually winds down at the end of the night — she likes to snuggle and cuddle and take naps with her head rested on your knee. It’s in the moments of rest that I realize she just might be the sweetest dog ever.

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