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maternity photos

Wednesday December 11, 2013

We had maternity photos taken in November, and it was a blast!

I’ve been a huge fan of Melissa Oholendt Photography for a long time, and it was so great to work with her. She made us feel so relaxed and calm — even though we were totally nervous and freaking out!

When you’re a photographer it’s tough to let go of that control, but with Melissa we just let it all go. We are so excited to have her come to our home to photograph the three of us!

Can you believe we’re having a baby??!!!










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26 days

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Until our due date.

Just saying.

We are in total nesting mode here.

I’ve never organized this much in my life. Complete de-clutter of basement (for REAL this time) – the entire house is all starting to come together.

Trying to not feel “behind” on tasks – staying calm and focused.

Anxious, excited, ready, but not ready.

It’s going to be great!

35 weeks

Saturday November 30, 2013


33 weeks

Tuesday November 19, 2013


10 weeks left

Sunday October 27, 2013

Can’t believe we’ll be parents in less than 10 weeks!

Mankato October 2013 014