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slow carb winter update or another post where I share my weight with the world

Sunday January 8, 2012

Haven’t talked about Slow Carb/4-Hour Body for quite some time.

I have definitely given up the strict regiment as far as meal choices and basically took a break from lentils! Honestly, I was so sick of beans I could hardly look at them.

Even though I haven’t been eating lentils as much these days, I swear by slow carb – because if you do it right, it totally works! I retained the basic principles though and limit my sugar and white food (bread, rice, pasta) intake.

Thankfully, I changed how I think about food and diet enough to help me maintain a way of life that feels comfortable. I am not binge eating like in the past or going totally crazy with cravings.

I am way more conscious about what I am putting in my body. Because, let’s face  it, it’s important to think about!!! This is our only body and our only life. Let’s do the best we can (but at the same time, not be so hard on ourselves or others).

Over the holidays I felt great – I didn’t need to over eat and indulge in a zillion cookies to feel satisfied. And I still had the best time and had many many many special treats.

Starting weight: 139.9
Starting mood: Depressed, lazy, and always thinking, “Who cares, it tastes good, and TV is my best friend.”

Current weight this morning: 126.8
Current mood: Ready for Mexico!!!

Weight lost: 13.1 lbs
Attitude adjustment: HUGE

Haven’t bought a new swimsuit since 2006, definitely need to find one before our tropical trip!

Winter is looking way better than in years past. Very different feeling with no snow and not that cold. Walks around the block are way more enjoyable when it isn’t -20.

Can hardly believe that last Wednesday I was sunbathing in the backyard…well, sorta, but you know what I mean.

New Year’s Eve, 2011

puffy and stuffed up

Thursday September 15, 2011

I have sorta fell off the wagon.
Am in the deep end.
And in the depths of despair.

You know my optimistic I can do anything post a few days back?

Well, apparently I can’t eat ice cream and pizza for every meal because it DOESN’T FEEL GOOD.
I’m puffy.
I’m stuffed up.
I feel like shit.

It’s only in the seconds of anticipation right before I am about to eat a (huge) bowl of ice cream and the seconds it takes me to eat it…that feel good.
Then the guilt and the congestion kick in.

Gluten and dairy are not my friends anymore.
In moderation but not in consistency.

So here I am, puffy and stuffed up, blogging on chit chat and all I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep.
Where did my slow carb summer go????

ice cream and pizza

Friday September 9, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy pizza?

I mean, I think I could eat it for every meal.

And ice cream! You just CAN’T go wrong with ice cream!

I’ve been known to have it for breakfast.

Well, this summer has been different. I’ve been rocking the Slow Carb diet and have actually done pretty well. I fluctuate between 12-14 pounds lost and feel soooo much better. But it’s more important to me that I’ve changed how I think — which changes how I feel. And I feel BETTER.

Oh, and those jeans I kept blogging about not fitting. Well, they fit now and look fabulous!

I would say that I am currently in the stage of semi-rocking the Slow Carb. Which means I’m down to two meals of slow carb and one meal of “normal” carb or whatever…you know what I mean. Somedays I only do one Slow Carb meal — I know, I know, totally crazy!

I’ve been making mini-pizzas and my favorite roasted cherry tomato pasta dish. YUM.

And the ice cream — well, I’ve splurged a bit and been treating myself to some well deserved ice cream cones. YUM YUM.

Starting weight: 139.9
Current weight: 127.6
Lost weight: 12.3 (where did it go?!)

oh yes!

Thursday July 28, 2011

Back on track.

Slow carb works for me.

127.7 and feeling great.

I’m kicking sugar’s ass.

And doing sit-ups during commercials.

oh crap

Friday July 22, 2011

Maybe I spoke too soon?
Maybe I jumped the gun?

Or maybe it’s just life — with its ups and downs and inconsistencies.

Been indulging in some summer delicacies — and hosting backyard BBQ’s that turn into inside BBQ’s — making glasses of sugary minty rummy mojitos and a pans of oh so very dreamy rhubarb dream with real whipped cream — and throwing in a few random nights of our favorite local Eden Pizza.

Oh the bread. And cheese. And sugar. That all taste sooo good.

Well, I’m back to 130.
But it’s okay.
I’ll bounce back to the place I want to be.

Does this mean I’m still addicted to sugar?
It might.

But it’s sooooo goooood.