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secrets in the walls

Friday October 5, 2012

This is just about the best thing to come out of the kitchen renovation.

For me this was a dream come true.

All the items were amazing little windows into the past. There was a small part of me that wished they had given even more clues to who they were — I think a letter would have pushed me over the edge, and I might have just curled up in a ball and wept with joy.

Sorta like Kristen Bell.

So when it came time for us to leave behind secrets I sat down and started writing — five pages later a letter was ready. I printed two photos, including one of the old kitchen. Jake and I had decided we were going to leave behind most of the original treasures we had discovered. We did keep the marble, tinker toy, and red paper bear. Everything else we left behind in plastic ziplock bags to hopefully help preserve the fragile items.

I wonder when someone will find our time capsule!!!??? I’m so excited! I left behind our emails and a link to – so if we’re still alive (and the Internet still exists) they can contact us.

birthday month

Monday October 1, 2012

I can hardly believe it is October. Where did September go? Where did the summer go?!

I’ve had six weddings in a row and am trying to stay on top of editing…I’m feeling stressed and behind and anxious about the thousands of photos I’ve taken. YIKES.

I looked outside today and almost all the leaves fell off our tree in the back. I swear they were all there yesterday. I don’t want to miss my favorite time of year sitting behind my computer…need to get outside more.

I turn 33 on the 23rd. That is officially 1/3 of the way to 99 — which is wild to think about and might seem old to some people — but, let’s face it, I’ve got a lot of life left to live.

Haven’t done a Paleo update in a long time. We’ve done our best in the absence of an actual kitchen — grilling meats, veggies, and making salads. So many salads! Of course, pizza (and the Birchwood Cafe) is a favorite if it just seems too much to prepare something without a proper kitchen.

I’ve maintained my goal weight and fluctuate between 122 and 125. Which is exactly where I want to be. It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago I was carrying around almost 20 more pounds. WTF. Crazy.

Starting weight: 139.9
Today’s weight: 123.9

Jake made major progress on the kitchen this past weekend. We now have walls. Is the end in site? Let’s hope!

Random chit chat post today — which are necessary to help me remember where I was and where I want to be….or something like that.

Here I am with baby Florence, officially the newest member of chit chat club. She is the sweetest, and I love her already.