puffy and stuffed up

Thursday September 15, 2011

I have sorta fell off the wagon.
Am in the deep end.
And in the depths of despair.

You know my optimistic I can do anything post a few days back?

Well, apparently I can’t eat ice cream and pizza for every meal because it DOESN’T FEEL GOOD.
I’m puffy.
I’m stuffed up.
I feel like shit.

It’s only in the seconds of anticipation right before I am about to eat a (huge) bowl of ice cream and the seconds it takes me to eat it…that feel good.
Then the guilt and the congestion kick in.

Gluten and dairy are not my friends anymore.
In moderation but not in consistency.

So here I am, puffy and stuffed up, blogging on chit chat and all I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep.
Where did my slow carb summer go????


  1. Katie says:

    The depths of despair = one of the greatest quotes from Anne of Green Gables! I need to watch that again sometime soon.

    I can’t eat gluten anymore. Within the past year, my body has decided to totally reject it. Quinoa is like my best friend now. And sometimes, when I’m totally veggied- or gluten-free-grained-out, all I want is a big bowl of ice cream. That’s been my past week, and I’m also starting to feel grossed out. Back on the wagon next week!

  2. Anne says:

    Depths of despair has been in my vocab since I first started watching Anne of Green Gables! I like to be dramatic!

    Yes, here’s to getting back on the wagon NEXT WEEK!


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