ice cream and pizza

Friday September 9, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy pizza?

I mean, I think I could eat it for every meal.

And ice cream! You just CAN’T go wrong with ice cream!

I’ve been known to have it for breakfast.

Well, this summer has been different. I’ve been rocking the Slow Carb diet and have actually done pretty well. I fluctuate between 12-14 pounds lost and feel soooo much better. But it’s more important to me that I’ve changed how I think — which changes how I feel. And I feel BETTER.

Oh, and those jeans I kept blogging about not fitting. Well, they fit now and look fabulous!

I would say that I am currently in the stage of semi-rocking the Slow Carb. Which means I’m down to two meals of slow carb and one meal of “normal” carb or whatever…you know what I mean. Somedays I only do one Slow Carb meal — I know, I know, totally crazy!

I’ve been making mini-pizzas and my favorite roasted cherry tomato pasta dish. YUM.

And the ice cream — well, I’ve splurged a bit and been treating myself to some well deserved ice cream cones. YUM YUM.

Starting weight: 139.9
Current weight: 127.6
Lost weight: 12.3 (where did it go?!)

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