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Wednesday September 7, 2011

**Disclaimer: This is my personal blog and I’ve had it for awhile, I mostly talk about me, myself, and me a little more. Sometimes I talk about work – but now that I’m my own boss, I can’t get in trouble. But if you are my neighbor and reading this — which I am not sure if any of my neighbors do read this – well, I’m about to complain about our neighborhood. Just a little bit, not too much, but just a little. For the most part our neighborhood is awesome and I really love it — so, I’m sorry if I offend with this next rant. But this is my blog and I like to get things off my chest. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to blogging about my weight, or my dog, or my photography next time.**

Summer is over blah blah blah.
But there is something so much more important to talk about here.
This is chit chat and well, let’s face it, I need to share what is going on…

With me.
In my head.
In my life.
I want to complain.

Everything is going to shit.
Sure, our summer was great and our family is amazing but….
Our house is a disaster.
Everyday is not an Apartment Therapy House Tour.
Dishes need to be washed.
Clothes need to be put away.
And it is never quiet here anymore.

Living in a neighborhood is hard.
Especially when your neighbors are 10 feet away.
You can HEAR everything.

Unfortunately, our neighbors are DJ’s.
Yeah, that’s right – hip hop techno fucking DJ’s.

I feel like I’m still an RA.

We’ve been dealing with this for the past four years.
Knocking on their door at 11 pm or 1 am asking them to please, TURN IT DOWN.

They actually have gotten A LOT better about this and it has been way more tolerable. Victory!

Then their are the new neighbors across the street.
Who on nice days and nice nights enjoy BLASTING heavy metal in their backyard — you know, while they do yard work or have a fire, while everyone else is also enjoying the nice weather.
Who gave them the right to choose the music WE ALL HAVE TO LISTEN TO?

I’m sure it sounds nice FOR THEM.
But when I can actually hear lyrics across the street, in my backyard, it’s not so nice for me.

Then we’ve got Curly and Mo – yippy dippy dogs that BARK ALL DAY at anything that moves.
Cats, squirrels, leaves, grass, cars, people, birds, bees, THE WIND.

You might remember them from this little pre-homeownership vid:

oh god from Anne Ingman on Vimeo.

I know I know. We work from home. We have to deal.

But we don’t play loud music, and if Judy barks we pull her inside right away.
We try to be incredibly conscientious neighbors.
I mean, I was an RA in college.

Well, I am about to hit my breaking point.

Because now we have CHICKENS on our block, and holy shit they SQUAWK.
Did you know that chickens squawk??
I didn’t, so when they came around and asked me to sign off on them getting baby chicks I was like, “Sure!”
I mean, all I heard was baby chicks, and who doesn’t like baby chicks??

Well, baby chicks grow up to be full grown chickens!
And it is the most awful sound.
I am so over urban chickens.

**Disclaimer: These are all things that test my patience and help me to become a better person — Jake made me type that.**

Everything is falling apart around me.
I feel like I can’t keep up with the house, or work, and now it will never be quiet in our house again.

I just want to move and have some SPACE between — well, everything.
Don’t get me wrong, I love people and animals and music, but I hate annoying sounds that I can’t control.

Like bass music that comes through the houses, and heavy metal from backyards, and yippy dogs in the alley, and fucking chickens that squawk.

**Whew, that feels better. Thanks for reading. You can judge me now if you want, no worries, I can take it. I judge myself all the time.**


  1. Katie says:

    Hi! I found your blog via Apartment Therapy and have been hooked ever since. I know exactly how you feel about the neighbor/neighborhood issues because I have been going through it for the past three years. My husband and I bought a condo in the city (Boston) that apparently had absolutely no sound proofing whatsoever between our unit and the upstairs unit, and because it was in a townhouse, we were wedged between tons of other neighbors who sound a lot like the ones you just complained about. I could never get away from the noise and it was beyond frustrating, especially during the year or so that I worked from home. Ugh! It’s hard to know what to do in that situation. Our neighbors would actually get mad at us if we asked them to be quiet, so that made it even worse because we felt like we just had to put up with it. We actually recently sold it and moved to a different area because we couldn’t deal with it anymore. My husband would say things to me like Jake said to you—that dealing with the annoyances makes you stronger, more patient, etc. I’m not sure that was true in my case—I think it actually just made me more annoyed! And believe me, our townhouse had its fair share of issues that made it hard to focus on the good things about it because it seemed like there wasn’t anything good about it! I tried, though. I would take my dog out to the beach and try to appreciate the beauty of the water or the color of the sky, and I would be thankful for the days when the weather was nice enough that my husband and I could do something like go bike riding in the park. I know it sucks to feel like you can’t enjoy the space that you call home, but you *do* have a gorgeous house and a ridiculously cute dog and a supportive husband, so at least you are not dealing with it all on your own. Is there a neighborhood association you can bring your concerns to? I’m not sure that would help, but it might. I hope your neighbors tone it down!!

  2. Ben says:

    One of my favorite posts ever. :)

  3. Anne says:

    Awesome. Mine too. Classic chit chat.

  4. Anne says:

    Hi Katie! Thanks for your comment! Wow, it sounds like you know what I’m talking about — seriously, that must have been rough. Glad that you finally moved on.

    No neighborhood association – just a normal city block. I do feel like we could talk to our neighbors about our complaints (which we have and do) but sometimes I just want to scream across the street and tell them to SHUT UP!! :)

  5. Katie says:

    Oh, I hear you! You just might have to do that one of these days! :-)

  6. Shaina says:

    You’ve convinced me to abandon my plans for urban chickens. Though, I was hoping they’d perhaps drown out the cries and bickering of my children or distract me from the constant mess they create. It’s a good thing I love them…my children, that is.

  7. tia says:

    hahahahahahahahaha! miss you, anne!

  8. Anne says:

    Shaina, Glad I could help! I mean, eggs/chickens in your backyard is a novel idea, but the squawking is not any fun if you work from home — unless you have acres of land and you can put the chickens in the back corner far far away from you. That might even work with children :) Just kidding!!


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