judy the jumper

Sunday September 4, 2011

Judy almost died last Friday. Well, not exactly but she scared the shit out of me!

You might have heard (or seen) from my tweet last Friday that she jumped out the back right back passenger window.


It was beyond insane. She got spooked when the new license plates, I had put in the rear window, flew forward and hit her. She was like, I need to get out of here — so she just JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR.


I mean, WTF, Judy?!!!!  There are so many scary scenarios that have run through my head that I can’t even believe how LUCKY she is. For some reason there were NO cars right behind me or next to me — so she wasn’t hit by a car. She jumped out while I was driving around 25-30 mph, and when she hit the road I think she rolled because of the scrapes on her ear, mouth, and legs. I actually saw her, out of the corner of my eye, leap out the window — things happened very fast but there was a split second as I was putting the car in park where I looked back and saw her in the middle of the road looking dazed.

I just wanted EVERYTHING TO STOP and no one to move!!

It was honestly CRAZY. I stopped the car diagonal in two lanes of traffic and was already 50 feet away from her. Things happened very fast and all I could see were the cars that had stopped and the cars that were about to come towards her. Again, I just kept feeling like I WANTED EVERYTHING EVERYONE TO STOP. I ran to her, and by that time she had made it to the grass, was hunched over, and her right paw was limp and she wasn’t putting any weight on it.

She has a few of these scrapes but nothing too awful – sooo lucky!

I scooped her up and carried her back to my car. I was totally and completely shaking. I was scared that she had broken her leg. She laid in the back seat, I saw blood on her leg, and started to panic even more.  A woman pulled up next to me and asked if I was okay and if I needed any help. I told her that I thought I was going to be okay but was in shock.

After a few frantic calls to my Mom and brother — no one was picking up, I left a message for Jake (who was in Canada since Tuesday and I didn’t think it would go through because of the spotty cell coverage). By the time I made it to the vet I had spoken with my Mom and Jake had called me back. So lucky that Jake had some cell coverage!

Once we were at the vet Judy jumped out of the car like nothing had happened. She was of course, totally pumped to be at the vet and meeting new people. All the while I am freaking out and on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The vet thoroughly checked her out and found some scrapes and cuts but nothing horrible. So relieved!! She said she probably had adrenaline pumping through her and she would be sore the next day. I mean, she did leap out of moving car going 30 mph! Just a little backyard hurdle practice, no big deal. OMG. It was crazy.

So yeah, Judy is so damn lucky. I can’t even imagine what I would have done if something worse had happened. It drives me crazy to think about what COULD have happened.

Replacing that thought with a positive though – Judy jumping for a Frisbee in the backyard.

After our traumatic afternoon I made her take it easy the next day and of course, I did as well. Didn’t get out of my PJ’s all day. I needed to recover as well.

I have already ordered her a harness seat belt thingy that she will now be wearing in every car ride for the rest of her LIFE.

Jake returned from his climbing and camping adventure on Sunday night and we decided it would be fun to go canoeing on Lake Calhoun for Labor Day. It was a beautiful day and so much fun!

Judy came along and we put her in a kids life vest and she of course, loved it. I am sure she thought the lake was just a big bathtub totally and completely designed for her enjoyment. She kept biting my paddle and licking the lake. She peeded like 15 times when we got home – she drank SO MUCH lake water! We avoided capsizing for the entire ride until the very end when Judy tired to jump out. He life vest got stuck on the edge of the canoe and she completely flipped over with only her right side submerged and hanging herself by the life vest.


Yeah, it was pretty awful.  AGAIN.

All was okay, I got the life vest off and she didn’t mind getting a little wet — but the whole hanging by her neck from the side of the canoe was not so great.

Geez. I am exhausted.

Summer is over and it was a blur. Thankfully there are a few photos, tweets, and videos to remember how great it really was.

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