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Sunday July 3, 2011

Loving the house in all it’s cleanliness.

And that summer is officially here, and mojiots are finally being made (and enjoyed!).

So…today was full of hard labor cleaning, but oh so worth it.

(House perfectly clean = house is being seen by more than just me and Jake)!

More on that soon!!!

Anyway, I am still ridiculously busy (with wedding and portrait shoots) but things are definitely feeling good.

I mean we’ve got grass and let’s face it, what more can I ask for?! :)

**Update – Check out our house tour on Apartment Therapy!**

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Friday July 1, 2011

Can’t sleep. Surfing the Interweb for Danish ceramic lamps. Can’t find anything. Okay, getting sleepy…think I’ll head to bed. #addictedtocraigslist