slow carb summer update

Monday July 11, 2011

If you’ve been following along – you know that I’ve changed how I eat, and it’s changed how I feel, and most importantly it’s changed how I think.

Starting weight: 139.9
13 weeks later: 125.9

Holy crap, that’s 14 pounds!

We’ve pretty much stuck to our plan for meals during the week, but have had the occasional weekly Eden pizza. It’s okay though, because Eden pizza is amazing and we’ve changed so much about our eating habits that one pizza isn’t going to make us fall off the deep end. I did have a week where I just didn’t stick to the plan (Jake was gone for three days, it was our Anniversary, and I was just tired) — and I ate cupcakes and spaghetti meat pie and it was amazing. Currently, our raspberries are here and we are definitely enjoying them during the week and not holding back. But for the most part we are sticking to proteins, legumes, and vegetables for every meal.

I’ve bumped up my physical activity a bit, I think when you feel better you instinctively want to KEEP feeling better (simple but incredible concept). It doesn’t feel so painful anymore to do exercise :)

Intentional physical activity — now, please don’t judge – I am not trail running or mountain biking or doing any heavy lifting here, but what I am doing seems to be working and I’m going to keep going.

1. Walks around the neighborhood with Judy, 20-60 minutes depending on the heat.

2. Gardening in the backyard.

3. Biceps, triceps, and shoulder arm exercises, 3 lb weights/20 reps during Bravo TV commercials.

4. Leg squats, 40 reps during Bravo TV commercials, 1-3 daily or every other day.

5. When I remember, 50 sit-ups (who am I kidding, I’ve done them twice).

That’s it.

And BAM I feel better.

In other news – the Apartment Therapy house tour seems to be a success! And Ingman Photography is going great! Jake is super busy with all his clients. Judy is still hilarious. We are all a bit tired and reasonably stressing with the amount of work going on this summer — but nothing is out of reach and things feel much more balanced.

Yeah for us!

Soooooo – how do YOU feel?!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Sunny!

  3. Meredith says:

    Great weight loss news. This slow carb thing — protein, veggies and legumes, REALLY works! I am so glad that this weight loss method is getting out. Congratulations!

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks Meredith!

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